Sunspot Island

Located exactly between the Coral and Wavecrest Archipelagos, the tropical island of Sunspot boasts white sand beaches, emerald jungles, and a spit of white basalt crowned with a lighthouse of veined white marble. Instead of a flame, this lighthouse uses a giant lens in a golden frame to reflect light with amazing clarity and accuracy far into the distance, saving up sunlight to work day or night.

Bo’g’wai, and Nougat, and Warenthal Birch came to the lighthouse to rescue Tepet Mela from the crazed Dawn Caste Lyta, who planned to use the solar lens to burn the monk alive. When she fled, they claimed the island and lighthouse manse, forming their circle around its unique hearthstone.

The newly forged Circle of Unbroken Fate used Sunspot Island as a neutral infirmary and resupply point for both Wavecrest and Coral in their maritime war, and eventually the site of peace talks that were themselves attacked by the forces of the Content Not Found: Tytagne.

Forced to flee the West to avoid the Wyld Hunt, the Circle left Sunspot Island in the care of its natives — now trained caregivers and merchants — to continue to serve as a port-of-call between nations in the west. Save for regular cleanings, nobody dares disturb the lighthouse itself.

Sunspot Island is a moderately powerful Demesne hosting a manse of indeterminate power. Though the lighthouse seems small and unassuming, rumors abound of hidden passeges leading deep into the mountain and even the earth itself. Certainly the Motley Stone has grown in power with the Circle, leading some scholars to theorize it will continue to do so as its chosen Exalts reach the heights of their puissance.

Sunspot Island

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