Rebel Rose; The Golden Guardian

Golden Guardian of the Dawn

Name: Rebel Rose – The Golden Guardian Caste: Dawn Supernal: Archery
Anima: Blooming Rosebush
Strength: 3 Charisma: 3 Perception: 4
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Archery Caste 5
Athletics Favored 3
Awareness Caste 3 Specialty: Ambush
Brawl 1
Craft Favored 3
Dodge 2
Integrity 1
Linguistics 1
Lore Favored 3 Specialty: Folk Tales
Martial Arts Caste 5 Specialty: Firewands
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Presence 2
Resistance Caste 3
Ride Favored 3 Specialty: Yeddim
Survival Favored 2
War Caste 5
Anima & Essence
Willpower 5
Permanent Essence 3
Personal Mote Pool 19
Peripheral Mote Pool 27 (47)
Committed Motes 20
Mote Regeneration 5
10 motes At bonfire/iconic anima display, the Dawn adds half her Essence score (round up) to her base Initiative upon resetting to base after a successful decisive attack.
10 motes Combat and movement Charms with outstanding reset conditions are automatically reset. This effect can only be used once per day, becoming available again at sunrise.
10 motes The Dawn Caste inspires terror in her foes. She adds half her Essence score (round up) in dice to all intimidating social influence. She may also intimidate targets which do not feel fear, such as automatons, golems, and certain undead.
Weapons Specialty – Firewands
Join Battle: 6
Artifact Range (Flame) Weapon ACC: C:11 S:15 M:13 L:11 E:9
Weapon Name: DMG OVW Tags
Dragon Sigh Wand: (Repentant Sigh) 18 5 Lethal, Archery (Short), Flame=+4DMG, Slow=Reload Action,No Extra Action charm(unless otherwise stated) Attunement:5
Range (Flame) Weapon ACC: C:10 S:14 M:12 L:10 E:8
Fire Wand; Left side: (Trusted) 15 1 Lethal, Archery (Short), Flame=+4DMG, Slow=Reload Action,No Extra Action charm(unless otherwise stated)
Firewand; Right side: (Friends) 18 5 Lethal, Archery (Short), Flame=+4DMG, Slow=Reload Action,No Extra Action charm(unless otherwise stated); Bayonet: Treat as Short Spear
Ashlar Special Fire Wand;) 9 1 Lethal, Archery (Close), Flame=+4DMG, Slow=Reload Action,No Extra Action charm(unless otherwise stated), Concealable
Firewand; Right side: (Friends) 18 5 Lethal, Archery (Short), Flame=+4DMG, Slow=Reload Action,No Extra Action charm(unless otherwise stated); Bayonet: Treat as Short Spear
Artifact Range Weapon ACC: C:10 S:14 M:12 L:10 E:8
Immaculate Golden Bow: (Unnamed) 15 4 Lethal, Archery (Long) Attunement:5
Range Weapon ACC: C:7 S:13 M:11 L:9 E:7
Composite Bow: (Rattler) 12 4 Lethal, Archery (Long), Mounted
Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name: ACC DMG DEF OVW Tags
Dragon Sigh Wand: (Repentant Sigh) 13 13 5 4 Bashing, Martial Arts, Shield=-2DAM,Can Flurry “Full Defense”
Fire Wand; Left side: (Trusted) 12 10 5 1 Bashing, Martial Arts, Shield=-2DAM,Can Flurry “Full Defense”
Firewand; Right side: (Friends) 12 12 5 1 Lethal (Bayonet), Martial Arts
Natural Soak: 4 Evasion: 3 Rush: 6 Resolve: 2 Guile:1 Disengage: 4
Silken Armor: Soak 9 HRD 4 MP -0 Silent, Special Attune:4
The Golden Guardians
Motto: Defy the wicked, and Justice will prevail! Lieutenants: Bifful Bofful
Size 3 Might 0 Drill: Average Magnitude: 10
Essence: 1 Willpower: 3 Join Battle: 5 dice Health Levels: -0/-1×2/-2×2/-4/Incap.
Actions: Senses: 4 dice; Stealth: 5 dice; Threaten: 4 dice; Tracking: 4 dice Appearance 1, Resolve 1, Guile 1 Combat Attack (Long Bow): 11 dice at short range (Damage 14) Attack (Short sword): 9dice (Damage 14, minimum 2) Attack (Grapple): 7 dice (5 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 4 dice Evasion 3 Parry 3 Soak/Hardness: 9/0 (Reinforced Buff jacket)
Battle Group Rules (already calculated above)
Drill: Average Quality battle groups inflict no penalty to command rolls and enjoy a +1 Defense bonus.
Size: 3 Battle group adds +3 to its attack pools, +3 to its raw damage, +3 to its soak, and has 3 extra points of Magnitude.
Martial Artist 4
Artifact: Dragon Sigh Wand – Repentant Sigh 3
Familiar: Charlie Jr. 3
Manse: The Golden Briar 3
*Heathstone: The Health Stone
Artifact: Silken Armor – Desert Mirage 5
Languages 1
Command: The Golden Guardians 2
Name Intensity
The Truly wicked must be punished Defining
There’s Nothing like a good meal with great company Major
Whose a good girl? Charlie’s a good girl! Minor
Relics Alter will always be my home Minor
Charlie was my one True Love Minor
Protective of my charges old and new Minor
Ox-Body Technique
Cost: n/a Timing: Permanent Keyword:Stackable
-1×1 -2×2 Health Levels Added
Durability of Oak Meditation
Cost: 3m Timing:One Tick, Reflexive Keyword: Dual
Withering: -2 raw damage
Decisive: -2 raw damage, +4 hardness
Note: Can not be applied during crash
Spirit Strengthens the Skin
Cost: 1m per die removed Timing: Instant Keyword: Whitering-Only

Spirit Strengthens the Skin Cost: 1m per damage die removed;

Martial Arts: Righteous Devil Style
Blossom of Inevitable Demise
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Dual
Increases the range of Firewands to Medium.
Decisive: Double 10’s on damage
Cloud of Ebon Devils
Cost: 2m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Mastery
When aiming with firewand may also reload/draw it as a single action. If enemies present at close range must make a Wits+MA roll diff 2 to execute. If failed, reload/draw works but no aim bonus
Mastery: Supplement a Join battle roll; Aim and Draw/Ready a weapon before any character acts in the fight
Note: Enemies successfully intimidated/chastised in this fight do not count for the restriction. Even if they spent WP to resist.
Kiss of the Sun Concentration
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Dual, Mastery
Withering: Adds dice from aiming to post-soak damage
Decisive: Converts a single aim die to the raw damage
Note: Disarm gambits, or precision gambits add all aim dice to their initative roll instead of a single die
Mastery: Withering/Precision Gambits: convert aim dice to automatic successes on the damage roll. Decisive: All aim dice added to raw damage of the attack.
Righteous Devil Form
Cost: 5m Timing: One Scene, Simple Keyword: Form
Roll Charisma + Presence + Essence to intimidate all foes or inspire them with a shameful emotion. Affected enemies suffer -charisma penalty on disengage, withdraw, and stealth actions, unless they spend 1WP to resist. May reflexively aim at any enemy whose resolve was overcome by the form activation or similar influence roles (even if resisted).
*Note: Can use Firewands as Bludgeoning weapons in form for close range attacks.
Special Activation Rules: After landing a decisive attack after an aim action, option to reflexively activate the form
Azure Abacus Meditation
Cost: 4m,1wp Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Terrestrial, Withering-only
Enemies that do not benefit from cover lose all soak against the attack (except for charms and other non-armor magical effects. Light cover halves mundane soak against attack. Heavy cover -1 soak for every extra successes on the attack roll, to a limit of half soak. Enemies with full cover are unaffected.
Note: May only be used once per scene unless reset by landing a successful decisive attack against an enemy under light or heavy cover then getting initiative of 12+
Buring Judgement Halo
Cost: 5m,4i Timing: Instant, Simple Keyword: Perilous, Terrestrial
Create a ring of fire that encompasses entire Close Range. Traits of a bonfire (pg. 230). Remains until the Stylist moves from the center of the circle. Lasts for 1 round after. Does not harm stylist
Note: Does not have to be a full circle, can be used to create only a semi-circle, etc.
Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Dual
Boosts attack damage based on distance. Close +4, Short +3, Medium +2, Long +1
Withering: Bonus is added as success on the attack
Decisive: Bonus is added as dice on the attack.
Dancing Devil Trigger Finger
Cost: 10m,3i,1wp Timing: Instant, Simple Keyword: Decisive-only, Perilous, Terrestrial
Make a decisive attack roll against multiple enemies at various ranges. 1 at close, up to 2 at short, and up to 3 at medium (if range extended using Blossom of Inevitable Demise). Roll damage separately
Note: Targets must be arranged on the battlefield in a way that makes sense for this charm to hit them all
Caress of 1,000 Hells
Cost: 6m,1wp Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Aggravated, Decisive only, Terrestrial
Cobalt and gold flames engulf enemy in a swirling vortex.
Repentant Enemies: Unscathed. Forms a Defining Intimacy reflecting the nature of their atonement. Initiative Crash of -10 if they reestablish hostilities after repenting.
Choice to Burn: Suffer The Righteous Devils Essence in levels of aggravated damage, in addition to the attack damage.
Mastery: Repentant also gain a Major tie towards the stylist appropriate to their atonement. Burners also suffer a crippling penalty equal to the aggravated damage that remain in their health track, which lasts until the end of the scene
Wise Arrow
Cost: 1m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Uniform
Withering or_Decisive_ attack
Light/Heavy Cover: Reduce the defense bonus by one.
No Cover: -1 penalty to normal defense
Full Cover: After taking an aim action, if there is any opening in the full cover, the Solar treats the target as having only a +3 Defense bonus, and can ostensibly hit them.
Sight Without Eyes
Cost: 1m Timing: One tick, Reflexive Keyword: None
Ignore penalties for visual conditions on this attack
Ex: Smoke, fog, and pitch darkness
Archery 5, Essence 3: Momentarily see through cover. Perceive targets as silhouettes the colors of bright anima.
There is No Wind
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Reflexive Keyword: Dual
Make an Archery attack the ignores penalties from non-visual conditions.
Ex: High winds, bad weather, flawed ammunition, etc.
Withering Attacks: Accuracy is calculated as if from Short distance. Regardless of distance from target.
Note: With appropriate Awareness charms attacks can be made from extreme long range.
Phantom Arrow Technique
Cost: 1m Timing: Instant, Reflexive Keyword: None
Continue firing even when out of ammo, create ammo from the mote cost of this charm
Once Per Scene: Suffuse phantom or physical arrow with the import of an intimacy. Add non-Charm dice equal to the strength of the intimacy to the attack roll.
Note: Doing so numbs the Solar to their intimacy. Can not use this attack again until a significant effort it made in restoring or remembering the Intimacy.
At Essence 3+: Adamant Arrow Technique Once per scene, infuse a single phantom or physical arrow with enduring essence. So long as the Solar lives the arrow can not be destroyed or removed from where it hits. Only she or someone with her permission can remove it
Fiery Arrow Attack
Cost: 2m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: Decisive-only
Ignite one of your arrows, any flammable object it strikes a violent blaze seeks to consume the object. This fire is natural and can spread.
Decisive Attack: Add 1 automatic success to the damage roll. If the attack does 3+ HL’s of damage the target catches on fire and takes Solars Essence in lethal dice every turn until they extinguish themselves
Immaculate Golden Bow
Cost: 5m,1wp Timing: One Scene, Simple Keyword: None
Summon a Power Bow (see: Weapons above). Additional purchases can provide Evocations
Evocations: None
Power: Sky Eaters Crest Spend 4m and transform bow into a Rose shaped barrier of Heavy Cover against ranged attacks for a single turn
Ideal Battle Knowledge Prana
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: None
Apply Double 9’s rule to all of the Solar’s order actions (p. 209)
War 5, Essence 3: Pay 6m,3i to enhance her orders to Double 8’s
Battle Path Ascendant
Cost: 5m Timing: Instant, Reflexive Keyword: None
After unleashing an attack that caused a battle groups magnitude to empty, use this charm to Roll Join Battle
War God Descendent
Cost: 3m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: None
Supplement a Strategic Maneuver Roll. Ignore the -1 penalty for troops with poor drill, and increase the battlegroups effective size by 1 upon joining battle
Iron League of Preparation
Cost: 5m Timing: Indefinite, Simple Keyword: None
Activate during a long/tough training session. Troops are permanently enhanced. Can not suffer demoralizing effects (Ex. pg. 212) that are not created by Simple or Reflexive magic.
Ignore penalties on strategic maneuvers having to do with hunger, bad weather, or physical exhaustion from long marches over difficult terrain.
Note: Motes are uncommitted at the end of the training
Tiger Warrior Training Technique
Cost: 10m1wp Timing: Indefinite, Simple Keywords: None
Charm enhances the Drill Rating of units at an accelerated pace.
Undisciplined Drill: Train to Average Unit in a week. Gains combat traits of battle-ready soldiers.
Average Drill: Train to Elite status after a month. Gains combat traits of elite troops (p. 479)
At Essence 3+: Further enhance Elite troops into specialized fighting force.
Demon Fighting Principle: 2xp. +2 Might against Ghosts, Demons, and other nighted creatures.
Giant Slaying Tactics: 2xp. +2 Might against Behemoths or other titanic foes. Does not stack with Demon Fighting Principle
Glory for the Inevitable: 3xp. Instill battle group with Perfect Morale (p.210)
Graceful Crane Stance
Cost: 3m Timing: One scene, Reflexive Keyword: None
For the rest of the scene the Solar has Perfect Balance.
They can stand or run on anything too narrow or weak to support their weight normally.
Ex. Run on a guy wire, stand on a crumbling parapet, balance on a pine tree, etc.
Monkey Leap Technique
Cost: 2m Timing: One scene, Supplemental Keyword: None
The Solar can leap one range band up or forward automatically.
Considered movement action for the turn.
If used on subsequent turns to leap to a different range band the cost is reduced to 1m
Increasing Strength Exercise
Cost: 3m or 3i per dot Timing: One scene, Simple Keyword: None
Increase Strength score by 1 for every 3(m,i) spent up to a limit of Essence Rating and/or 2x Strength.
Decisive Attack: Each dot of increase raises the base damage of these attacks by 1
Note: Solars can reach the Strength minimums required to attempt certain feats of strength (p229)
Sensory Acuity Prana
Cost: 5m Timing: One scene, Reflexive Keyword: None
For the rest of the scene receive Double 9’s on all Awareness rolls.
Note: If Unsurpassed (Sense) Discipline applies, reroll 6’s until they cease to appear.
Keen Sight Technique
Cost: 3m or 6m1wp Timing: One scene, Simple Keyword: None
The Solar may perform Difficulty 2 – 3 sight based actions without a roll.
+2 dice to notice hidden persons or devices, catch slight of hand, and see through disguises
In dim conditions they see as well as in broad daylight
Reduce difficulty of seeing in Smoke or Fog by 1
Remove the -1 penalty to detect hidden threats in Smoke or Fog conditions
Visual Range is also increased.
Ex. Can see tiny detail at 100 yrds away, quickly count masses of troops, notice threats at a distance
Special Activation Rules: Pay 6m1wp as an alternate cost to the charm, and set duration to Indefinite
Note: Keen (Sense) charms can be activated as a group of charms despite being Simple.
These charms are compatible with Sensory Acuity Prana
Flawless Handiwork Method
Cost: 6m Timing: Instant, Supplemental Keyword: None
Craft Rolls supplemented by this charm Reroll all 10’s, until 10’s fail to appear
Craft 3+: May repurchase charm to also Reroll all 6’s until 6’s fail to appear
Craftsman Needs No Tools
Cost: 6m Timing: One task, Simple Keyword: Mute
The Solar can start Basic and Major projects without tools or a workshop.
Requires the proper materials
These works can be done at blazing speeds, often in just minutes or seconds.
Allows the Solar to gain craft point bonuses from their handiwork
Can be used equally well in both building and repair projects.
Note: If tools are used to assist with the work, reduce the cost of this charm by -2m
Master Horseman’s Technique
Cost: – Timing: Permanent, Permanent Keyword: None
Purchasing this charm comes with 3 effect, more can be purchased for 2xp
Horse Summoning Whistle: Spend 1m to reflexively call a loyal mount
The mount arrives as circumstances best allow
Spirit Steadying Assurance: Spend 1m to reflexively stop a mount from panicking
For one instant the mount shakes off all natural / supernatural fear.
May not be intimidated by direct efforts for Essence rounds.
May not be intimidated by indirect circumstances for the scene.
Harmony of Spirits Style: Spend 1m to reflexively stop herself from falling off a mount
Can activate this effect when asleep, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated
Will not fall off the mount from being alseep, etc. during ordinary travel
+1 Defense against any attack which might knock her from her mount
Flashing Thunderbolt Steed
Cost: 4m Timing: One hour, Reflexive Keyword: None
Mount may run at Full Speed for an hour without becoming fatigued
+1 automatic success toward all movement and balance related actions
Allows Solar to use Graceful Crane Stance and Monkey Leap Technique while mounted
Mount my keep its footing on the worst of terrain and leap across gaps or obstacles
Food Gathering Exercise
Cost: 3m Timing: One hour, Simple Keyword: None
Roll Charisma or Wits + Survival against a difficulty set by the storyteller
Each extra success on this roll represents enough food to feed a single person for a day
Ex. Food: Berries, Grubs, Nuts, Seeds, insect, small animals
Does not require a spear, bow, or net to hunt such game
Storyteller may decide there simply any sort of sustenance or the may player fail the roll
In this case the Solar still find enough food to feed at least one person
In Addition: For every hour the solar uses this charm they work towards a climactic encounter
Guarantees after repeated use the Solar will have at least one chance per day to catch big game
Ex: Large Fish, Game Animal, Large Bird, or a fruit-bearing tree
This encounter will happen regardless of storyteller decree, but can require a Difficulty 6 roll in the worst case scenario
Experience Tracking
Total XP 195
Total XP Spent 183
Total Gold XP 15
Total Gold XP Spent 7
Spent On:
Ability: War 2 & 3 4 xp Charm: War God Descendant 8xp
Background: Command 2 6 xp Charm: League of Iron Preparation 8xp
Charm: Ideal Battle Knowledge Prana 8 xp Charm: Tiger Warrior Training Technique 8xp
Charm: Flashing Thunderbolt Steed 8xp
Charm: Firey Arrow Attack 8xp
Charm: Righteous Devil Form 8xp
Charm: Immaculate Golden Bow 8xp
Athletics: Rating 3 3xp
Lore: 2, 3 4xp
Ability: War 4 5xp
Ability: Martial Arts 5 7xp
Charm: Azure Abacus Meditation 8xp
Charm: Battle Path Ascendant 8xp
Charm: Increasing Strength Excercise 8xp
Ability: Archery 5 7xp
Charm: There is No Wind 8xp
Charm: Burning Judgement Halo 8xp
Charm: Dancing Devil Trigger Finger 8xp
Charm: Caress of 1,000 Hells 8xp
Ability: Craft 3 3xp
Charm: Craftsman Needs No Tools 8xp
Ability: War 5 7xp (Solar XP)
Charm: Spirit Strengthens the Skin Cost 8xp

Rebel Rose; The Golden Guardian

Exalted Foxcalibur Sulker