Felsic Ashlar

Twilight Smith

Name: Felsic Ashlar Caste: Twilight Supernal: Craft
Physical: 6’5" Haslanti male, 39 y/o, blue-white hair and beard, brick red skin, bulky frame
Anima: Flickering forge light with blue sparks; intricate clockwork and armor plating
Theme: City of Humes – Tweex


Strength: 4 Charisma: 3 Perception: 5
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Athletics Favored 3
Awareness Favored 3
Brawl Favored 5 Specialty: Cestus
Bureaucracy Favored 2
Craft – Smithing Caste 5 Specialty: Weapons/Armor
Craft – Architecture Caste 5
Craft – Shipwright Caste 5 Specialty: Airships
Dodge 2
Integrity 1
Investigation Caste 2
Linguistics Caste 2
Lore Caste 3 Specialty: Artifacts; Manses
Occult Caste 3
Resistance Favored 4
Socialize 2
Survival 3
Anima & Essence
Willpower 5
Permanent Essence 3
Personal Mote Pool 19
Peripheral Mote Pool 47
Mote Regeneration 5
5 motes Reflexively gain 5 hardness for 1 turn. Free and automatic at bonfire/iconic.
10 motes Can touch an Essence 1-3 elemental or demon of First Circle. Int + Occ vs. Res creates familiar pact. Reflexively summon for 3 motes; banish for free.
10 motes, 1 willpower Surrounded by anima and in 1 turn vanishes until next sundown; can be interrupted. Reappears within 10 miles at a place of power.
Name Acc Dmg Def Ovw Parry Tags
Shield Cestus 2/4 9/7 1/0 1/1 Shield: Bashing, Melee, Shield; Cestus: Bashing, Brawl, Smashing, Worn
Knife 4 7 0 1 Lethal, Melee, Thrown (short)
Buff Jacket Soak: 3 Mob. Pen.: 0 Hardness: 0 Tags: None
Final Soak: 7 Primary Parry: 4 Evasion: 3 Resolve: 2 Guile: 2
Mighty Thew 2 Add to dice pool when attempting feats of strength
Contacts – The North 3 Region-wide connections among traders
Influence: Grieve 1 Local owner of successful shop
Languages: Skytongue 1 Language of the North
Langauges: Old Realm 1 Picked up from ancient plans and texts acquired over the years
Resources 2 Successful craftsman; 1 mina per year
Manse 3 Air Aspected in Rathess
Demesne 2 Air
Hearthstone 2 Gem of Quiet Contemplation – bearer of this hearthstone can reduce all ambient noise to near silence and even quiet a busy mind on command, allowing for dedicated and undisturbed concentration. A +2 dice bonus is provided for tasks requiring concentration, such as studying Lore or working on an intense Craft project, but impose a -2 penalty for Perception checks that involve hearing.
Name Context Intensity
Create Great Works Dedication Defining
Wyld Hunt Contempt Major
Bright Iron Loss Major
Grieve Affection Minor
Icehome Longing Minor
Sidereals Mistrust Major
Limit Trigger Seeing people he cares about in pain, unhappy, or hurt.
Manse – The Veiled Spires
The Veiled Spires appear as a large, almost cathedral-like building were under a dropcloth, albeit one expertly made with holes for all windows and doors, with the textiles varying from heavy canvas for the outer walls to fine silks for decorative hangings and commonly used doorways.
The truth of the matter is that there is no stone or woodwork beneath the seamless swaths of cloth, but instead are filled with Air from the manse’s demesne. This strange architecture allows for impressive versatility, with walls and floors that are hard as adamant when trod upon, but become softer than a pillow should, say, a delicate vase be knocked from its pedestal. This flow of Air is apparant to observant guests who will notice that most surfaces have slight, constant undulations, as if subject to a neverending breeze.
Additionally, the manse can reorganize its furnishings and layouts on a whim, provided furnishings are ones that would normally be in contact with the floor.“Tables” rise from the floor with accompanying chairs and can resize in an instant to adjust for absent or unexpected guests, and walls shift to resize rooms as desired. The manse has an absolute size, so these modifications are rearrangments of how the space is utilized and not a fluctuation in its volume.
Rating 3
Maintenance 2 Requires monthly cleaning of surfaces, particularly for the removal of Earth
Fragility 2 Has no soak; can take 15 damage before Power Failure
Attunement Recognition Manse can identify who is attuned and who carries the hearthstone. OC p66
Basic Senses Difficulty 3 to hide from manse, dice pool is 0 before charms. OC p66
Cosmetic Displays Most surfaces appear to be undulating as if from a slight breeze, but harden almost like stone at points of contact, such as leaning on a wall or stepping on the floor. OC p66
Magical Conveniences *Walls and floors shape to create whatever basic furniture is desired – stairs, beds, chairs – but cannot create discrete movable items, such as dishes and silverware.
*A sheet in the study functions as a slate, “stitching” text and schematics onto the surface at the user’s dictation and “erasing” just as easily. Automatically performs minor spelling and grammar corrections as well as basic mathematical computations.
*One particular store room is made of incredibly soft fabric. Items stored within, no matter how fragile or volatile, are kept completely stable and protected from most forms of mundane damage or wear and tear.
OC p67
Minor Tricks and Traps *Entry maze – visitors who are not known guests and who do not know how to disarm the trick – touching two stylized Skytongue runes on facing walls that read “Welcome Guest” – have to contend with a winding entry hallway whose passage constantly shifts as the cloth walls relocate to stymie strangers. Most wind up back at the entry unless they succeed at a difficulty 3 Int + Inv roll.
*Soft floor – an intruder, or guest unaccompanied by the hearthstone bearer, who approaches the wing with the study, workshop, and hearthstone chamber will find that the air that normally provides a surface for the cloth floors and walls will utterly fail to support them any longer, causing them to fall as if a trap door had opened. However, while they are falling through a hole, of sorts, they do not fall through the floor itself and wind up suspended in air in the middle of the room below. In addition, the cloth has a high degree of elasticity, allowing the intruder to fall at least 10’, placing the exit far overhead and causing the sides to collapse in around them, making attempts at jumping and climbing out exceptionally difficult.
*Decorative snares – the hallway to the living quarters of the manse’s owner is lined with tapestries and hanging draperies. Visitors or intruders not given explicit leave by the hearthstone bearer will find themselves blasted by gale-force winds once within 10’ of the door. Should they be buffeted into any of the hanging decor lining the walls and ceilings, they will find themselves immediately entangled and securely bound unless they manage to wriggle free or are released by the hearthstone bearer.
OC p67
Well Favored Aspect +1 to every dice pool while within the manse. OC p.68
Bound Servitor Hephwreka, The Rimefrost, Demon of the First Circle
A hephwreka’s form is difficult to discern. The mass of its androgynous humanoid form is invisible, and instead is visible via patches of permafrost scattered about its body. With this outline provided, the features are lithe and elongated, and below the waist seems to taper off into nothingness instead of forming distinct legs or limbs of any sort.
A dispassionate creature, hephwreka will drift from one location and task to another as their whims desire, but when riled or threatened will assault a foe with a maelstrom of wind and ice that would feel as if the victim had been stranded shirtless directly on the Pole of Air itself.
Essence: 2; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: 4 dice
Personal Motes: 70
Health: -1/-1×3/-2×3/-4/Inc
Actions: Flying maneuvers: 12 dice; Stealth: 6 dice; Senses: 6 dice; Tracking: 5 dice
Appearance: 4, Resolve: 3, Guile: 3
Attack (Ice Claws): 7 dice (Damage 14)
Combat Movement: 12 dice
Evasion 5, Parry 2
Soak/Hardness: 6/0
Principle of Motion (10m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2) – Take a flurry without usual restrictions, ignores penalties to dice pools and Defense.
Wind-Stirring Tempest (5m, 1i; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 1) – Doulbe 9s on movement roll; double 8s as well if moving downward.
Hail Storm (5m; Simple; Instant; Decisive-only; Essence 2) – A decisive attack of 8 dice that freezes the air around an opponent at up to medium range. Opponents damaged suffer 2L that ignores hardness from the extreme cold, and must succeed on a Dex + Ath check to avoid falling prone on the now-frozen ground.
OC p.68
Archive *Ancient Schematics – Craft (Magitech)
*Collected Works of Artifact Studies – Lore (Artifacts)
*Autonomous Training Dummies – Brawl
OC p.68
Workshop Manse Specially kitted out for the creation and repair of artifacts; considered a flawless workshop. Stocked with perfect and First Age tools, every mundane ingredient in Creation, a few exotic ingredients from demesnes, the Wyld, the Fair Folk, and other arcane sources. +2 dice to each Craft roll. OC p.75
Name Type Duration Cost Description Page
Front Line Warrior’s Stamina Simple Instant 4 motes Perilous. Once per day, roll 1/2 health levels and add successes to Initiative. Pay 1 willpower to remove “Perilous” keyword. 376
Fists of Iron Technique Reflexive Instant 1 mote Parry lethal damage bare-handed. Bare-handed decisive does lethal, withering ignores (Essence + Intimacy soak) 273
Ferocious Jab Supplemental Instant 1 mote Supplements physical strike, adds dice equal to target’s onslaught penalty to damage of Withering or Decisive attack. 274
Thunderclap Rush Attack Reflexive Instant 3 motes (+1 willpower) Move a single range band without using move action and attack regardless of initiative order. Counts as turn for the round and doesn’t have to be a Brawl attack. At Brawl 5, Essence 3+, add 1 wp cost to steal lower of Essence or 5 Initiative from target. Can use once per target per scene, but can be refreshed by crashing target. 275
Durability of Oak Meditation Reflexive 1 Tick 3 motes Reduces Withering & Decisive damage by 2. Grants 4 hardness vs. a Decisive attack 374
Heaven Thunder Hammer Reflexive Instant 7 motes After successful Decisive Brawl attack with at least 1 damage roll success, target is knocked prone and loses 1 Initiative point to the Solar. For 3 successes, opponent is hurled into an object in close range. 4, impact of medium fall distance, or thrown remarkable distance. 5+, thrown short range and suffers medium fall distance. 274
Falling Hammer Strike Supplemental Instant 1 mote Supplements Withering or Decisive attack, prevents target’s Onslaught Penalty from Solar from fading on the next turn. Target must suffer no attack from Solar for at least 1 round. Does not maintain penalties from other Solars. 276
Spirit Strengthens the Skin Reflexive Instant 1 mote per point After an attack hits but before damage is rolled, can increase soak by 1 point per mote up to double natural soak. At Res 5, Ess 3, may remove successful Withering damage for 2 motes per success after paying 2 initiative and 1 willpower; becomes Perilous. 374
Tireless Workhorse Method Permanent Permanent - 2 permanent Major project slots per dot of Essence 289
Efficient Craftsman Technique Permanent Permanent - Reduces cost of temporary Major slots to 3 silver points 289
Craftsman Needs No Tools Simple 1 Task 6 motes Can start Basic and Major projects with just materials and complete in minutes or seconds. Cost reduced by 2 motes if tools are used. Does not impact Superior or Legendary projects. 292
Crack Mending Technique Simple Instant 10 motes, 1 willpower Can repair even impossibly destroyed things over the course of (10-Essence) hours. Reduced to minutes or seconds if used with Craftsman Needs No Tools and eliminates need for tools or ingredients. Can restore magical objects, but not magic. Reduces difficulty of repairing Artifacts, but doesn’t remove material requirements or affect goal number. 295
Flawless Handiwork Method II Supplemental Instant 6 motes Re-roll 10s and 6s 297
Shattering Grasp Simple 1 Task 6 motes May rend or disassemble and object bare-handed with appropriate Craft ability and a little time. May use materials for a Craft project. 294
Supreme Masterwork Focus II Supplemental Instant 6 motes; 5 motes, 1 willpower, 1 GXP Can supplement Basic and Major Craft projects with double 9s; add Superior projects and double 8s.
Arete-Shifting Prana Simple Instant 4 motes, 1 silver xp, 1 willpower Roll Int + Relevant Craft. Each success temporarily converts one dot from a known Craft to a conceptually-related Craft for 1 Basic or Major project. 289
Sublime Transference Simple Instant 6 motes Meditate for 5 minutes, and then can convert Crafting XP as follows: 2s <→ 1g; 2g <→ 1w. 289
Ox-Body Technique III Permanent Permanent - At Stamina 1 & 2: one -1 and one -2 health levels. 3 & 4: one -1 and two -2 health levels. 5: one 0, one -1, and one -2 health levels. Increases with Stamina increase. May purchase (Resistance) times. 375
Increasing Strength Exercise Simple 1 Scene 3 motes or 3 initiative per dot Increase Strength score by 1 dot and Decisive base damage by 1 per 3 motes or initiative spent, no more than Essence Rating, up to double Strength score. 262

A gifted artisan with a drive for greatness, Felsic enjoyed early success in his hometown of Icehome, developing a reputation for producing goods of quality and unique innovation. He routinely ventured into the world for inspiration and acquisition of rare and unusual materials to use in his crafts, and it was during one of these excursions that his life took a different path.

Out in the snows of the North with his apprentice Bright Iron, he collected a potent but unstable Wyld-touched material called frost flux that required delicate handling. However, a slip on the treacherous ice upset the temperamental material, which then burst with extreme heat and Wyld energies. It was only due to the quick ministrations of Bright Iron that he did not die on the ice, ministrations which not only saved his life but also caused her to exalt as one of the people of the Unconquered Sun…an Anathema.

The celestial healing restored him to full health with no trace of scars or deformity that would have left him a permanent invalid otherwise. However, it was unable to repair the changes caused by the Wyld energies that rendered his skin a brick red and his hair and beard to an ethereal, frosty blue-white.

Felsic never held much to the Immaculate Philosophy, noting how often its strictures and actions of its adherents seemed to hold up the wealthy and privileged on the backs of their lessers. As such, he kept Bright Iron’s exaltation to himself. But somehow, inconceivably, the Wyld Hunt learned of her, tracked her down, and executed her in swift “justice”.

The light went out of his work. To make matters worse, his association with Bright Iron caused no few people to consider him tainted, a prejudice his skin and hair fed no matter how he tried to persuade people otherwise. With his business drying up and on the border of becoming a social pariah, Felsic closed up his shop and traveled to the trade city of Grieve to start anew.

Life in Grieve went well. Felsic re-established his practice, and with time he rekindled his reputation as a talented and affable crafter of remarkable goods. As he made more and more of a name for himself over the years, he established minor trade with some of the other Northern cities and life seemed to finally be settling into something like comfort and happiness.

One night, long after he closed up shop and most of the citizens of Grieve were in their beds – or bars – Felsic resumed work on a pet project in his shop: a cestus with a collapsable shield built into a connected arm piece. Mechanical puzzles and obstacles made him fight for every incremental progression until it suddenly just all made sense.

The solutions to his problems – durable materials, controlling torque, reinforcements of moving parts – were so OBVIOUS for some reason. He dove into his work, making connections – both physical and logical – with the ease of fastening a button, oblivious to the slowly building glow of an anima banner around him until a bonfire of Essence burned around him and his completed work.

He thrilled in his accomplishment, but the euphoria quickly sluiced from his mind as the reality of what had happened settled in: he had exalted.

Managing to keep from flying into a panic by grasping to the tiniest fleeing shreds of rational thought, Felsic sat down and planned. His life in Grieve was now over and time would be short, but the surest way to attract attention to himself would be to vanish in the night. No, best to keep calm and avoid raising suspicions.

The next morning he utilized his newfound skills and abilities to make remarkable progress and finish commissioned pieces that weren’t due for some time, tended to repairs, and let his regulars know he would be setting out for another one of his expeditions for exotic components and it would be a few weeks before he returned.

As the day ended, he packed up some clothes, collected his favorite and most useful tools, shrugged on his buff coat and his new cestus, and proceeded to the airship docks and bought a ticket for Gethamane. With what he knew of the underground city, he might find at least a temporary sanctuary there. He would at least have the month-long stay allowed annually to non-citizens, and with the Bull of the North, an Exalt himself, now in charge Felsic felt certain that at the very least he wouldn’t be handed over to the Wyld Hunt.

Leaning over the rails as the airship took to the Northern skies, chill and blustery from the Pole of Air, Felsic sighed at having to run again….but hopeful that where he was going he would at last find security.

Felsic Ashlar

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