Echoes of the First Age

We arrive at the Slag Pits. The inhabitants, the Slag Dwellers, keep to themselves and the Chayans generally leave them be. They’re often just referred to as Slags. The Slags recognize the symbol from inside the seed Caemlyn has. They say it is the Sign of Home. That it’s part of the rocks of this land. Rose gives them cookies and they lead us to the center of the pits. Vox notices that the whole area is filled with calming scents and that likely overtime this has warped the Slags into their docile appearance and personality. They tell us about the Naval, where they have their sacred place.

Caemlyn looks at the crater and deduces it was formed by Solar Sorcery, at what is now the center of the crater. This whole area was almost certainly geomantically landscaped and could be returned to that way if they weren’t let to grow over. It’s possible an Exalted of the First Age was responsible. He or she likely put up defenses before a battle and the are still active in some way.

As we get closer the euphoria gets stronger. We meet a beautiful woman wearing a belt of Orichalcum and Jade. Only an Exalted should have something like this but she is also mutated to look like a fire tree seed. She is a living font of compassion.
We reach the Naval and slide down to the center. At the center is a solid pentagram the size of two manholes. Caemlyn examines the pentagram and deduces that it can be opened by spending a Solar essence and completing a test of character.
Rose enters and finds herself leading her people and meeting with the leader of another tribe who has been raiding the south before being affected by a drought that has only just begun to hit them.

Durandal finds himself having just felled a great monstrosity. He knows he had to use poison, a cowards weapon, to even stop the creature. The creature pleads for mercy and asks to be given a quick death. Durandal does not hesitate and ends its suffering.
Caemlyn finds herself on a beach on an island to the wes, lying next to a man she loves. In order to cure a terrible blood disorder, she will need to take a blood sample from her love but it will kill him. She says thank you and takes the sample.

Felsic finds himself in his hometown in his home with his mentor. He leaves to see a man with violet eyes waiting for him. He is asked if anyone else was Exalted with him. He says no. He’s given a head start and starts to run.

Vox finds himself on the way to meet someone called the Hierophant. He is called by his concubine and told he has a few hours to spare and that Onyx misses him.

We all awaken into a long vaulted room with wooden walls carved to look like a forest canopy. We see three circular vault doors, the central one completely choked by vines. The other two are held open by the same vines but not completely blocked. We then find a room which contains a giant model of the inside of the fire tree seed. It seems to allow us to align various emotions to ultimately cause a general feeling of calm. It appears that the Chayan people may have actually been engineered, either purposefully or otherwise, by the Solar that created this place. We investigate the next few areas and find a console that allows us to remove the vines blocking the central doorway.

In the center of the main room we see what should be the Hearthstone pedestal of this place, a clear cylindrical adamant tube, dripping with wood essence which makes it glow slightly green. We meet Reba, an AI from the First Age. She greets Caemlyn.
We learn of Xo-xo-chi 001, and Xo-chi-chem 014, whom Caemlyn recognizes as the chief god of the Radiolari. Then Xochichem suddenly appears and calls Caemlyn an Apostate. It appears they are a regulatory spirit that has become a minor god through the belief of the Chayan people. Caemlyn convinces the Radiolari to stop by pleading her case for free will.
And then Raksi, Queen of Fangs shows up. She says she’s Ma Ha Suchi’s girlfriend. And then attacks us with Solar sorcery.

Rose blows a hole in the path forward and we flee. We hear a voice saying Pedestrians Detected and we enter a moving vehicle that suddenly appears. Upon entering, we’re suddenly subjected to the next test: Motivation.

Rose has trapped an enemy army in a ravine and gives orders to crush them.
Durandal finds himself in a ruined palace. He is approached by a man in a gi with violet eyes and tells him that he does not want to kill him, but the next world will be better.

Caemlyn is performing an experiment on an ancient Chayan known to her only as Number 615. The implant of regulatory pollen is 98% and he is the key to her success, but he begs her to let him go. She tells him she must continue, for the betterment of all, and pulls the lever.

Vox finds himself with a heavily modified version of Onyx and has him fighting with a tiger-striped lion with a flaming mane and tail. He orders it to strike the final blow.

Felsic gets “error” but sees us mentor again and all is well. His experience is not disturbing, but almost serene.


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