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Below can be found links to articles describing the events, places, objects, and rules defining our epic Exalted campaign.

All information in these articles is considered, if not common knowledge, than certainly not secrets which could spoil the plot or allow for metagaming. Even if the characters don’t know all this, it’s safe to assume the players do.

What is Exalted?

Exalted is a mythic fantasy roleplaying game developed by Robert Hatch, Justin Achilli, Stephen Wieck, and Geoffrey C. Grabowski and released by White Wolf Publishing in 2001. We shall be using the third edition ruleset by Holden Shearer, John Morke, et al, successfully Kickstarted in 2013 to be published by Onyx Path in physical form… sometime?

Doesn’t matter, got PDF’ed.

Exalted takes place in Creation, a flat world of order bounded on all sides by the chaos of infinite potential. All things in Creation are composed of Essence, which serves at once as matter and energy. Magic is the mastery of Essence, and its greatest masters are the Exalted, human beings blessed by the Gods to shape and rule the world.

Inheritors of great power, the Exalted must contend with corrupt gods, unbound elements, human folly, the hordes of the Wyld, and their fellow Chosen just to survive. And that’s before the ravening dead and spiteful demon kings (each with their own twisted Chosen) come into play.

Exalted is a game of grand passion and superhuman ambition, of the heroes who inspired all other heroes in all other worlds. The Chosen fight through the ruins of a twice-fallen Realm, which they could raise up to new heights if they only had a moment’s peace. But in a world as precious and dangerous as Creation, you pay for peace with fists and feats.

Our Campaign

This campaign is the continuation of my first and only Exalted chronicle, which I began with Jason Deschain, Kevin Malfatti, and Karl Smith in the summer of aught-three. All events from the first part of that story, starring Durandal the Lightbringer, Tepet Mela, and Sweet Forgotten Nougat are considered canonical, and the setting and metaplot have advanced beyond the status quo described in any of the published setting material. Obviously, events described here override and overwrite any developments elsewhere.

Exalted begins with one character, Durandal, as a storied and veteran Lawgiver. His Circle of Unbroken Fate is, if not defunct, than certainly inactive, its founding members devoted to their own pursuits. The former Lightbringer must help a new generation of Solar Exalted face the next wave of threats posed by the Age of Sorrows. If they survive their first challenge, the newly Exalted shall stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Durandal, just in time to face a threat no-one in Creation can withstand.

Tone and Presentation

Exalted — my version of it — is not Remedial Roleplaying 101, nor is it fun for all ages. The themes, stories, and imagery (if not quality) will be consistent with what you’d see in adult-skewing fantasy television series like Game of Thrones, Spartacus, or Penny Dreadful, seinen manga like Berserk, or dark fantasy literature like The Dark Tower. Heroes and villains alike will behave as befits their motivations, and the bad guys will do some very bad things. While avoiding lurid details, all manner of violence, sex, sexual violence, and other disturbing imagery will be used when needed — we’re going for hard R, not PG-13.

Which is not to say the whole thing will be a horrible slog through miserytown — the darkness is just there to help the light shine all the brighter.

Besides, we’ll probably be making dumb jokes like all the goddamn time, so actual gravitas will be a precious commodity.


The Wiki

Preamble aside, here are the actual wiki topics. Happy browsing.


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