Break the Sunset


In Realm Year 768, the Immaculate Monk Tepet Mela’s pilgrimage through the West brought him to an unnamed island in the Wavecrest Archipelago, where he and the Daybreak Necromancer Sweet Forgotten Nougat helped the newly Exalted Solar Zenith Warenthal “Wart” Birch escape a pirate fleet. The pirates were privateers in service to Coral, and the three Exalted became embroiled in Coral’s war with Wavecrest, befriending the Raksha cataphract pro baller Bo’g’wai and setting up a neutral hospital and lighthouse on a small isle along the maritime border.

The Circle succeeded in hosting a summit on their island, only to discover both sides planned to use the peace talks to launch a decisive attack. Lord Ull’vran and Lady Tytagne of the Western Raksha were selling arms to Coral, but had provided the hard-pressed Wavecresters a terror weapon from the First Age: a Raw Potentiality Torus which would engulf most of the West in a decades-long Wyld Storm if detonated.

The Exalted managed to talk both sides down and end the war, but not before Lady Tytagne threatened to activate the Torus on her own. Together Warenthal, Mela, Nougat, and Bo’g’wai managed to stop her and save the West. But the Circle’s celebration was cut short when Peleps Deled led the Wyld Hunt to Wavecrest. Summoned by his Deathlord, Nougat disappeared, but Mela and Bo’g’wai chose to help Wart escape to the South.

Break the Sunset

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