Spinning a Tale

Durandal surveys his city from on top his tower. He watches Felsic explore the wonders the city has to offer. Felsic is fascinated by the artifacts that help run the city. Durandal realizes something, and heads down to talk with Felsic.

Durandal invites Felsic home for dinner. There we are introduced to Durandal’s children Michael, Esteleah, and Gabriel. They are being watched over by their Pterok tutor Shree’ee and Kneah, the Lightbringer’s chief domestic.

They may or may not call him Uncle Feslic.

Durandal takes Felsic to the sitting room and tells him why he brought him into his home. “So Felsic, you asked me earlier, how did you put it? ‘Why are you the boss?’”

“I’ve been leading the Exalted since I was 12. One thing I learned is when you’re Exalted, no one is the boss of you.”

Durandal continues, “Everyone else was wrangled up by the Zion government. You stumbled across people in need, and literally leapt into action. Have you considered what you want out of all this?”

Esteleah sits down next to Felsic, peeling an orange.

Felsic ponders a moment, and then tells Durandal his origin story.

Felsic says, “I think what I want is someplace to have a grounding again. I do want a home. A place where I can get back to what I enjoy doing.”

Durandal gets to the point of why he brought Felsic here. “We have no chief artificer. My circle is the Circle of Unbroken Fate. I can recognize certain signs, and you’re the one who was drawn specifically and directly to me. The one who most exhibits the qualities my circle shares. You ask for no reward, leapt into action without thought. You continue to risk your life, continue to help. We consider ourselves the Vanguard of all of Creation.”

“There could be something here for you.”

Meanwhile, Rose is cooking like the wind. She has heard Caymlyn’s child is feeling unwell being away from Chaya. She wants to make sure everyone is well-fed and ready for the trip.

Durandal and Felsic get ready to head out. Durandal summons his FIrst Company’s sky-barge from underneath the mount, and it comes to rest in the lee of the tower, extending a wide. Two nacelles long the underside funnel essence to propel the craft. Captain Drederig orders the First Company of the Ordo Invictus to board.

Durandal, Caymlyn, Felsic Rose and her Golden Guardians board the Wind Chicken and set a course for Chaya.

Going back in time a bit, we find Byrrden sneaking aboard Felsic’s airship as it ferries Vox to Lookshy, instructed to watch Vox’s back. He stealths throughout the trip, catching sight of a man in a blue ninja outfit brewing tea behind some crates.

Once at Lookshy, he follows Vox and Dalia of the Chayan Guard but sticks to the shadow. He watches as Vox and Dalia get vetted, and follows them into the city as ox gets an invite to the funeral, and to stay at House Nefverin. He catches Vox’s attention and asks him for details on the funeral so he can scout ahead.

Vox talks up a servent girl and gets the deets: The funeral will be held underneath the city in the catacombs accessed via the parade grounds. The march will lead down below, where the remains of heroes are laid to rest.

Byrrden leaves Vox to explore the catacombs and “find an easy way in, and an easier way out.” The Night Caste easily lock picks his way into the underways of Lookshy. Inside are rows and rows of urns filled with ashes, heroic reliefs carved into the walls, votive fires burning.

He takes it slow and spots a single thread of spider silk, a very brilliant sort of silver. Golden runes skitter along the webline. Byrrden recognizes them as tripwires. He finds a few laid across the path of tomorrow’s procession. Byrdden clears the traps and examines them. He figures if Vox or any Lawgiver had walked through them, their Caste Mark would’ve lit up for all to see, in close quarters with dozens of Dragon Bloods.

Vox gets to know the family of Nefvarin Ranidos family: Rogro Yushuto, a military engineer and Ranidos’s stoic widow, Ranidos’s mortal father Lakaon — an irascible gossip — as well as her six children, two of them have been blessed by the dragons.

Vox talks to Lakaon and learns Ranidos died fighting a behemoth called the Borrowing Hillock beside his squad. The slain beast is currently being butchered for parts in the catacombs.

After a night of gathering intel and making nice, Vox heads to bed. He hears sobbing upstairs and investigates. In the armory is Lakaor, a middle son, clutching his father’s breastplate and weeping openly. There is a gaping wound painted on the white armor.

While soothing the young man’s pain, Vox learns Ranidos once executed three field officers for treason: His troop had captured three Abyssal Anathema. The Abyssals were trying to negotiate an alliance with Lookshy against the Mask of Winters, but a few of Ranidos’s officers became disgruntled with letting them live and went to eliminate them. Ranodos fought against them to protect the Anathema. He always said, “If Lookshy has no honor, then Lookshy is Anathema.”

The next day, Vox joins the who’s who of Lookshy to attend the funeral. It is very subdued, proper, and elegant. Afterwards, the socializing commences in the parade grounds.

Vox performs a poem, a tale of virtuous allies honoring an agreement. He gets a standing ovation.

Vox speaks with various high ranking individuals, trying to get them to honor their pledge to the Republic of Chaya. He speaks with Yushuto Utrax, brother to Rogro and Randisos’s lieutenant, who tells him of their last battle together. He also mentions the drama in his love life, about how his former lover Nerigus Dilioc has turned his gens against the Yushuto.

Utrax brings Vox to meet his Uncle Habo. Yushuto Habo wants Chaya to break off its association with the Anathema in Zion in trade for Looksy’s help. With a bit of persuasian (and charms), Vox is able to convince him it’s better to stop the horde before they rape and pillage the whole countryside and get closer to Lookshy. Habo agrees to vote for Chaya.

Vox next speaks with the most senior officer at the funeral, Strategos Karal Linwei. She is alone at the food table, having been ostracized due to rumors her daughter Fire Orchid has become Anathema. Linwei is not convinced that Lookshy should help Chaya, but Vox, using her daughter as leverage, convinces her anyone who fights Lunar Anathema is obviously not allied with Solar Anathema.

Having talked to the right people, and hoping he turned the vote in favor of Chaya, Vox prepares to depart. He waits for Byrdden to make himself known.

Speaking of, Byrdden had been dealing with his own problems. Keeping up with Vox via rooftops during the funeral, Byrdden spots a black widow spider, floating on the wind. He follows as it shifts into a woman, who starts taking aim at Vox with a blowdart.

Byrdden attacks the spider woman, who counter attacks with vicious jabs, trying to poison the Night Caste.

Byrdden focuses on the lunar’s blow dart. He knocks the weapon out of her hand, pushing it away from her. She back flips, slicking at Byrdden with moonsilver heels. She grabs the blow dart, grows additional arms covered in barbs, and takes aim.

Byrdden dodges and trades blows with her. He rushes her as she sprays him with a poison cloud of barbs. As he does so, a volley of blue Chakram comes out of nowhere, displacing the cloud. The Blue Ninja appears and stands at Byrddens side.

The Lunar shifts into a spider and flies off, carried by the wind and her silk, leaving a small token of red marble carved with a rose webbed to the nearby wall.

Byrdden meets up with Vox, who is casually socializing and enjoying the delicacies of Lookshy. Vox says, “Ah, Byrdden. Time to go. Let us get a cookbook for Rose and head back to the ship. I am so glad this all went off without any problems arising.”

Byrdden glares at him, walks off and mutters, “You’re welcome.”

The Wind Chicken rides the river toward Chaya. A storm marches towards them, intensifying quickly. The crew batten down the hatches and brace themselves. The wind seems to blow in a circle, surrounding the ship, very unnaturally.

Rose stands on the bow and looks out. She sees many pairs of slitted eyes glowing in the surrounding forest. She summons her golden bow and lets loose an arrow, and hears a screech of pain as it hits her target.

The wind intensifies and begins to lift the Wind Chicken into the sky! The wind becomes purple, and the crew can see the laughing heads of a beautiful woman repeated in the tornado.

Caymlyn recognizes sorcery and begins to enact a counterspell. The rest of the team realize they have to protect her.

Rose commands her troops to spread out and align themselves to the walls of the wind chicken.

From out of the forest spring dozens of winged men with the heads of bats, flying up above the tornado and diving for the ship. A giant bat with Moonsilver tattoos is in the lead. They hit the Wind Chicken en mass, shrieking and grabbing at anyone they can. The lead bat grabs onto Rose and carries her from the deck!

Felsic takes a defensive stance against the creatures, keeping Caymlyn protected while she casts her spell.

Durandal unleashes his solar essence, increasing the strength of Rose’s army. He summons Retribution and swings to and fro, reducing the size of the attacking army.

The wind intensifies and starts to spin the ship in the air. Rose’s archers let loose, sending beastmen raining down from the sky with each shot.

Carried away by the giant bat, Rose whips out her fire cannon and lets loose into its breast. So it releases her to fallto her doom.

Rose has other plans.

She cackles loudly, so loud her voice is heard over the beating wings and whirling storm. She summons her golden bow, pulls back the drawstring with her foot, spinning in the air, and lets loose an arrow of golden light. She channels the very essence of Creation and somehow leaps ONTO THE PHANTOM ARROW and rides it past the bat and back onto the Wind Chicken, slashing at the man bats, tearing their wings as they try to dodge this madwoman.

The giant bat chases Rose back to the ship only to be met with a leaping slash from Durandal. It blocks his attacks with moonsilver wings, or at least tries to. Retribution overpowers this defense, causing an explosion of blood and essence.

The Lunar flies off, leaving a trail of blood.

Caymlyn by this time has created golden runes that swirl around her. She cries out in an arcane tongue and the eldritch symbols explode in glass butterflies, shattering against the winds, breaking the spell and causing the Wind Chicken to plummet.

It more less lands in the water.


Three Paths, One Destination -- War.

Kantyn Town, if it could be called that at this point, was in an absolute mess after the battle we’d fought on its grounds. From here we could still hear the sounds of Mahasuchi’s war band as it marched (shambled?) away. I watched as each of The Chosen took the actions of those familiar with conflict. Burning bodies, taking stock of our remaining resources, planning our next steps. All but Kaemlin, the poor girl looked right conflicted. Clearly this was her first rodeo. And my Uncle Hinglebotter had taught us quite a lot about rodeos growing up.

At any rate, I managed to throw together a hastily made supper in one of the nearly destroyed homes. I brought Kaemlin and the rest of group… (Circle? Hm.) to dinner and we unwind a bit from the days fight. Over the course of dinner we discussed a great many things. The Lightbringer shared with us some of the history of Creation. The Dragonblooded’s place in the world, their betrayal. The Lunar’s and their exile, their relationship to us.

We also planned. Durandal seemed reluctant to give us his advice, but helped none the less. Kaemlin and Felsic would go to the Chayan capital to alert them to the oncoming danger, and to plead with their leaders to hold back on their Fire Tree Festivies until the defense of the nation could be secured. Byrrden and Vox would travel to Lookshy, a military society, defenders of the Threshold, and primarily run by a host of Dragon-Blooded. Once there, they would seek out political aid to combat Mahasuchi’s horde. The Lightbringer and I would travel back to Zion, to make ready for war.

A productive, and wonderful dinner… if it hadn’t been for the … unusual company that The Lightbringer kept. The large Fair folk at the far end of the table continued smoking from its comically large herbal intoxicant. It seemed to be enjoying the steamed rice I’d served it. I nearly jumped from my seat when Felsic partook of the foul smelling weeds.

Vox, the dear, spoke with me about my … attitude towards that certain… individual. If it had been any of the others I would have just brushed off the question, but I could hardly resist the young man’s charms. I told him about the fall of Relics Altar, and it doesn’t need further repeating. I left him an extra special treat in his care package for the trip.

It turned out, Chaya would send one of their Lieutenants to travel with Vox and Byrrden. I believe the sweet dears name was Daelaa. Her purpose would be as a functionary or some such as a full Chayan representative for the party.

Felsic and Kaemlin, transported to the Chayan capital by the Skyship that would carry the others to Lookshy, arrive to a hero’s welcome. Kaemlin was shocked by the show of adoration, the people of Chaya weren’t usually a society of celebrators — with the one exception of course. From what I’m told it was kind of more like a city wide dinner party. I’m sorry to have missed it, that’s for sure.

Han Shihan, A Fire Tree Monk, greeted Kaemlin and Felsic thanking them for saving the nation. Kaemlin urges the monk to gather the elder monks as she has further misfortune to share with them. They travel to the Temple of the Firetree, a large temple of pink marble. The monks gather before the duo of Twilights who relay the threat of Mahasuchi and his war-band, prepared to strike when every last Chayan would be caught in the thrall of the Fire-Tree Festival. But none of the monks seemed particularly concerned with these particular details. They seemed, convinced that they’d be fine. Mahasuchi is just a Myth.

I think the fire of the Unconquered Sun itself was burning in Kaemlins belly right then because she began to tell those foolish monks what was what. Felsic confirmed the three monks looked beyond perplexed that one of their citizens would, or could go off at them. But, the bigger shock for them it would seem, was when she produced the fist sized, stony, and prickly Fire Tree Seed. She tried to warn them, tried to ask them to even just reschedule, but it all fell on deaf ears. They’d need to speak to their Gods, their guidance would be the final say all.

Leaving the monks, the two plotted a course out of town, a magical cloud summoned by Kaemlin would take them for the first time towards Rathess and Zion. But not without stopping off and getting me a Chayan cookbook, the dears.

The world rolled by below them as the flew on through the night, and after some time the Fire Tree Seed began stabbing it’s way through Kaemlin’s bag. It was moving and trying to escape! Felsic, being ever handy, managed to keep the thing contained. Their trip was uneventful aside from the seed thing. Kaemlin seemed to have … a very strong reaction to Felsic’s singing. I haven’t heard it myself, but I’m sure he’s got an absolutely lovely singing voice.

Days later they arrived in Zion for the first time, and Felsic nearly falls in love with the whole of the place, it’s architecture, technologies, and strange inhabitants all part of the spectacle of the Deliberatives city. They are greeted by Slesk, on of the cities many Dragon-King dwellers. He shows them to the Wind Chicken, where the pair begins to work on finding out just what was going on with that seed.

When they opened it’s sack, the damnable thing JUMPED right at Kaemlin’s face, and would have smacked its prickly hide into her if not for Felsic’s fast hands. Together they restrained it again and began operation. In a single perfectly placed slice of her scalpel the seed split open. Within, a labyrinth of hexagons became apparent immediately. Over the next several hours Kaemlin studied its every detail. It was endlessly deep, and there were trace amounts of Oricalcum and Adamant within it. It reminded Kaemlin of the Chayan slag heaps.
They decide it’s time to reconnect with Durandal on their findings, and travel to the Bastion Invictus. When they arrive they head towards the tower at it’s center hoping to find Durandal, which they do. Only moments before I show up with more than a little on my mind to aggressively share. But I get ahead of myself.

On the Skyship Vox, and Byrrden traveled towards Lookshy, at least we think he did? Vox spent much of the first day of travel with Daelaa learning about Lookshy and it’s people. The military class of citizens being known as Lookshys, and non-citizens being Heliots. Many smaller nations traded food and goods in exchange for the protection of the defenders of the east. Deciding he should fill in the other chosen he was traveling with, Vox scoured the ship looking for Byrrden. He finds instead a man in a blue ninja get up, did Byrrden pick a new fashion sense?

The next morning the sky ship arrives at a towering fortress that from a distance appeared to be more defense cannons than actual city. Some of which re-oriented to point directly at the approaching air-ship. Three of the cities defenders, riding gold and blue sky vehicles built for a single rider zipped toward the ship, a man covered in head to toe blue armor called out for their purpose. Political Aid, Vox told them from a distance, ever charming and polite.

They were granted a swift landing, which was promptly followed by about 8 or so hours of inspection of their persons and cargo. When all was said and done, and they were granted access, Byrrden was still missing. Suddenly the blue ninja reappeared, revealing himself to Vox as Tepet Mela, of Zion. He had several key pieces of information for Vox — Nethvaran Ranidos was a potent military ally… but he died last week unexpectedly. Today was the funeral. Mela recommended that Vox should try to get an invite to gain access to the war council. And since most folks are sympathetic to his cause there… it could work out pretty easily. Gentes Yushoto, or Karal – highly influential and more interested in intervention.

With all this information imparted, Mela left almost as suddenly as he appeared. Vox and Daelaa would travel into the city together, and find a city in mourning. The flag of Gentes Nefverens flew across the city, during the only time the citizens were allowed to express their emotions — for Death.

Quickly gathering up an offering of flowers they made their way to Nefverens house, a manor open to the public, with a line of mourners trailing out of the front gate each person taking their time to offer condolence to the 10 members of the house, gathered in it’s entry way. Vox, ever cordial, waits for his turn. He greets the family with the correct amount of deference, stating they traveled all the way to offer solace during this dark time for the family. Widow Nefverens almost smiles at his offering, almost. She does however offer Vox and Daelaa a place to stay within their house.

Vox finds their hall filled with status of the families heroes Ranidos’ included. He also apparently learned about Durandal’s past indirectly through the stories of Ranidos’ life.

And so, Vox realized, he’d have to stay in this city of Dragon-Blooded, a city which was filled with adherents of the Immaculate Faith.

As we traveled back on the crowded Wind-Chicken back towards Zion… we saw Mahasuchi’s horde, and it was expansive. We didn’t lose sight of it for some time as we were carried down a bend and out of sight towards the city of Solars. I expected that The Lightbringer and I would have some time to discuss our preparations, to figure out what our next steps would be. As another warrior I expected something. But he… he hardly cast a glance towards myself or my troops for the duration of the trip. I’d had half a mind to not serve him any of the desert I prepared… but I’m not a monster or anything. He did recommend that I get The Golden Guardians ready for the next deadly encounter with Mahasuchi.

When we arrive to Zion, we’re greeted by Nayeli from the department of new arrivals, such a sweet young woman. I wonder if she’s got a family or any children? I’ll have to ask her the next time I see her! I ask to be directed towards the armory, and catch a final glimpse of Durandal as he turned to whatever his next goal was. Somehow he seemed less… mythical in those moments.

He traveled into the Underways of Rathess, heading deep into the Shadowland that lay beneath the surface of the thriving metropolis. He navigated his way easily through dark hallways, filled with necro-fiends that all seemed to be unphased by his passing, familiar with it. Here in the lair of The Beacon Over Still Waters, he showed no fear. Not even as a hand of bone, sinew, and muscle burst down the hallway making arcane hand gestures. He was safe here in his friend, Nougat’s home.

Durandal caught The Beacon, his Circle Mate, up on current events. The new Solar Exalted who had suddenly come into his life. Gethamane’s disappearance, and Dace along with it. Mahasuchi’s war path.

Beacon was keenly interested in the situation at Gethamane, convinced that the effect they’d discovered was comparable to the forming of The Void itself, as far as level of severity and process goes. If he had to guess, only a Deathlord (or many of them combined?), or one of the Neverborne could cause something like this. He also speculated that IF someone had survived the process, they would very likely find themselves within The Labyrinth. This was all the hope Durandal needed. Tasking Nougat with finding Dace and the cause for the cities disappearance, he said some rather nice things to his long time friend. This caused worms to spew from the Deathknights mouth, and blood to pour from his blackened eyes.
Before Durandal could depart, The Beacon asked just how long he’d expected it would be before Durandal let them into his circle. It was something The Lightbringer didn’t seem too keen on himself. Nougat laughed, calling Durandal out for being the “Great Golden Lumox” he was being. Durandal left, returning to the Bastion Invictus to make ready for War.

For my part, I traveled to the Armory where I met a lovely Anklok by the name of Krod, he’s something of a grumpy gus, but I could tell the large lizard man was more kind than he might let on. He was basically in charge of the armory and it’s upkeep. As he took me on a tour of the facility, I gasped loudly with realization and presented the Dragon King with a spicy tart I’d been working on perfecting. He seemed confused but confessed to liking it.
After a really long time telling him about our travels and plight he agreed to equip The Golden Guardians with longbows and reinforced buff jackets, a much needed upgrade to their armament. It reminded me of a time that a traveler to Relics Altar had been more than generous in their trade agreement with my father and I was telling him the particulars of that day when suddenly and unexpectedly several racks of weapons toppled and broke, directly behind him.

It was the strangest thing. He needed to deal with it and I excused myself. Noting a grand mosaic of Durandal and his Circle. I frowned, the time I’d spent with it nearly equalled that of time time I’d spent with the actual Durandal. With a sigh I made my way to find the citizenry of Relics Altar, and the Golden Guardians.

I did not expect to find them within a large mansion. A Manse. A Place of Power I was told. This was apparently my home now. It was hard to take it, and was about to force them to find some other accommodations for my people… and then I saw the kitchen. It would be an absolute wasted opportunity if I didn’t cook in it at least once…

And cook in it I did, my sisters and I gathered cooking with our family and friends. I should have been happy, as we planned expansions of The Golden Guardians and our roles together in making it the best mercenary company this side of Nexus. But I couldn’t find my … heart in it.

That night Fauve, my youngest sister, approached me. And being my baby sister she always could tell when there was something wrong. We talked about my becoming a Princess of the Earth. About my feelings towards the other Solars, and my mounting disappointment with the one Hero I’d expected to help me. To help all of us new Solars come to power. Thanking my sister for the talk, I marched off directly to get Charlie and get myself to the Bastion Invictus. I had a need to share my mind.

Arriving at the Bastion, it was an impressive sight. But that didn’t matter so much as I marched towards it, passing Kaemlin and Felsic, who I did of course pause to hug. I stood tall as I approached Durandal and gave him a piece of my mind. He was the leader we needed in these dark times. He was the Hero who slew the Mask of Winters. He was the only person I knew of who could have a chance at stopping Mahasuchi, and our only hope of survival. He needed to step up or we’d all be doomed.

Episode 3

Durandal, Felsic, and Kaemlin arrive at Kantyn, a small farming community, in the mid-morning. Moku’s horde is on the march to sack the town. Estimated time of arrival is 6-8 hours.

Felsic concocts a plan to spring a wall-like trap around the horde once they invade the town. He sets to work immediately digging the trench and constructing his wall. He also instructs the crew of his airship to snipe any fleeing barbarians.

Kaemlin plots her position for the impending battle. After tending to the villagers she scales the water tower for the best vantage point.

Vox aids in the evacuation of the villagers.

Durandal ruminates on the fate of his mentor Dace.
Rose took the Wind Chicken back to retrieve her band of soldiers. On their way to Kantyn they stop at a riverbank in Plum Grove. Rose spots a trio of Chayan horsemen surveying the area. She signals them and they respond in kind. The horsemen warn of the horde making its way to Kantyn. They give Rose directions and she gives them tea and cake. With their course set the Wind Chicken sails on. From the river they spot Moku’s barbarians and begin to plot their own strategy to protect the town.

Amid the horde, Byrrden is stealthing his way back to the party. From within the frothing mass of barbarians he spies a massive shrine of jawbones tied together holding an idol of a massive Arazcheki Chieftain painted in dark blood reds.

The Wind Chicken arrives at Kantyn. Rose and her troops disembark. Rose encounters Felsic who relays his trap plan. Durandal discusses the best use of Rose’s squadron.

The horde crests into view and shift into a sprint upon seeing the town. To break their spirit Byrrden kicks the head of the statue, but it is no use. The horde is seeking a glorious death and will not be swayed. The battle is joined and is fierce, unforgiving.

The lawgivers tap into their essence and unleash the might of the Unconquered Sun. Durandal lays waste to legions with his mighty sword. Rose rains solar flares from her trusty sidearm. Kaemlin begins conjuring her swarm of butterflies spell. As the attacks rain down on the horde Byrrden sprints across the top of them to safety. Rose’s squadron begins taking injuries, so she calls in her yeddim to bound across the battle field infused with golden essence. Kaemlin unleashes her butterfly spell, cutting a swath through Moku’s band and knocking down the statue.

As the statue falls away Moku materializes in its place. Moku stands 15 feet tall and wields two jawbone weapons. Upon materializing he joins battle with Durandal.
Felsic picks his moment, seeing the horde completely within the scope of his wall, and springs the trap. The wall shoots up around the city and pens in the barbarians. The enemy has been dwindled from a thousand to a couple hundred. Seeing the horde being picked off Felsic turns his attention to Moku.

Durandal strikes a mighty blow sending Moku to one knee. Felsic lays him out with a chop block to the standing leg. Moku rises and lashes out striking at the two Solars. Felsic is sent reeling. Durandal responds, driving his sword into Moku, spilling torrents of blood. Byrrden materializes behind the giant driving his tiger claws into Moku’s back.

With his dying breath Moku thanks the circle for a glorious death. He gloats that Mahasuchi is coming and then dematerializes. Runes escape his body, the words of his being swirl and break down. His final words “the sins of civilization will be washed…” and he vanishes.
Rose’s troops run down the remaining horde. Kantyn lays in ruin, just 30% of the structures still stand. The impact of slaughtering an entire tribe begins to set in.

Byrrden relays the information he was gathering while away from the circle. Mahasuchi is coming. Just then Bogwai burrows up from the earth. He would have fought, but then he got high.

Kaemlin summons a flame elemental to burn the dead. Byrrden loots the bodies. Felsic retrieves the decapitated head of Moku’s statue and retains it for artifact crafting.

After much debate on how to approach Mahasuchi the circle chooses to retreat. Before they can leave an older tall woman clad in black and red appears. She has sleek black hair, four eyes and a tracery of silver tattoos. She questions the circles decision and encourages them to meet with Mahasuchi. Vox agrees to parlay.

An hour later the horizon fills with Archeki and Bear Fist’s beast man army. A floating dais covered in skulls carries Mahasuchi on his throne. Part goat, part wolf, part man, Mahasuchi leans against his throne, dire lance at his side.

After exchanging pleasantries Vox questions Mahasuchi’s intentions. Mahasuchi states that Bear Fist inspired him to conquer the land. He claims he has the Silver Pact’s support. Durandal has Kaemlin send a mystical message to Winter Wolf. Mahasuchi states that he is planning on assaulting Chaya during the Fire Tree Festival. They will be helpless to fight back amid their annual orgy. Mahasuchi will withdraw to the borders for 3 weeks until the festival begins.

The horde about faces. Mahasuchi sizes up the circle then marches off.

Kaemlin decides to return to Chaya to warn her people.

Durandal will return to Xion.

And someone needs to go to Lookshy to beseech support.

3 weeks…

Bear Fist

The six Exalted stand in the plum trees and take in the aftermath of the battle. Felzik tells Durandel what he found at Gethemane, or more accurately its remains. He hands over a note and the sigil that comes with it is recognized by Durandel and he probes for more information. Vox hears his tyrant lizard from up in the Sky Chicken and goes to calm him down and meets Bogwai, the stoner troll, who’s been resting and smoking in one of the large stalls.

Caymlyn is focused on returning to the capital of Chaya, Larjyn, to get back to her daughter. In the aftermath of what happened she meets Felzik and Vox. They explain that she is a Solar Exalt. The wild hunt will be looking for her and Felzik. Durandel contacts Medli about the letter from Dayce, asking if he can be contacted if he is actually in the under world. Medli tells Durandel to see to his Circle and to trust Dayce to take care of himself. A group of Chayan riders approach led by a monk named Xan Xouhan. Durandel explains to Caemlyn that she actually won’t be hunted automatically and eases her mind a bit. She goes back outside to greet the monk. The group is impressed and bow to her, much to her surprise. She also feels alone around them, as if her connection to her people has been severed.

The group is introduced to Laialyara, general of the Chayan forces. Her camp of soldiers have a calm but dutiful demeanor. She shows them an ornate map with displays the movements of the Archeki forces around the Chayan Empire. One set of enemy forces has bear symbolism and one has the profile of a broken jawbone. The jawbone is a symbol of Mokuu, who was an Archeki warlord in the vein of Genghis Khan who was only stopped by the Scarlett Empress. He was literally elevated to god status after his death. This group that flies his banner is known as Mokuu’s Band. To get the Archeki to parlay we will have to allow them to surround us and not attack.

The Circle find and are swallowed up by the Archeki horde. They surround then and then stare them down. Vox demands to speak to Bear Fist. He emerges from the horde and after acknowledging us he orders the horde to make camp. During negotiations, Bear Fist tells us that Mahasuchi is coming along with his army and wants to wipe out the Chayans decadent and weak way of life. They want to find a new home. We must hurry their way there. If Mahasuchi catches up to them, Bear Fist must fight. Keep the Chayans from attacking and he won’t attack.

We take an airship to Larjen to meet the council. We tell them what we have learned from Bear Fist. They need to discuss the proposal but it may take days. Caymlyn retrieves her daughter and the Circle heads out again.

On their return to the war camp they learn that the broken jaw are headed to the town of Kantyn.The Circle heads there to prepare for battle. Felzik goes to work building traps and other structural improvements. The attack will begin soon.

A New Dawn
(And Twilight, Night, Eclipse, and Twilight...)

After years of silence on the subject, I decided today that I would finally come clean to my captains about my seemingly fallen status as the Lightbringer. The peace that the intervening ten years has afforded me space to not be questioned about it. No conflict has arisen requiring enough exertion to make my Anima flare. For the most part, nobody seems to have noticed; however I had been waiting to see if another would arise to take my place, and none have. For the first time in my life, I find myself in a position with all questions and no answers. I have repeatedly asked Medli for guidance, only to be waved off, saying “If it is not you, then I do not know who is.” When I approached Dace on the matter, he barely managed to restrain an eye roll and said “Yeah, Boy. Cause all the shit you done is cause-a yer stupid-ass, girly wings!”

So I am left with no choice but to assume that I am being punished for my actions when I faced the Mask of Winters. With that in mind, I summoned all available captains to the war room for a mission briefing. After a brief explanation, my offer to leave the Ordo was soundly ignored, and I dispatched Third Company to deal with a potential threat in Ahn Teng. After dismissing them, I stood out upon the balcony, which years ago is how I would always enter the tower, and pondered how quickly things seem to change. It feels like only yesterday I was running through the Scavenger Lands with Mela and the circle. Little did I know what awaited me this day.

Down in Rathess sat Byrrden of the Night Caste, in a small tea house close to the Rim. It had been a long, and no doubt arduous journey from his homelands, and now he sat contemplating his next move. He overheard talk of a newly arrived group of refugees resting in a camp not far down the road. Of particular interest, rumors held that a newly chosen was amongst their number. He set off to investigate.

At one of the Rimside gates, Rose of the Dawn Caste (called “Rebel Rose” by her followers) had approached with her entire village in tow and sought aid from Zion. Her village had been attacked and destroyed by the Fair Folk, it would seem. A governmental representative was dispatched to discuss details with Rose and her group. Meanwhile, as the refugees were offered rations, Rose cooked up a gift of baked goods and offered them to the gatehouse watchmen. A camp was made available as short term shelter for her group, and after a short discussion, it was determined that a functionary from the office of exaltation should be involved in the proceedings. Rose’s grandchild was escorted to the nearest clinic to have her broken arm treated.


In the north, Felslic Ashlar of the Twilight boarded an air skiff to make his way from Grieve to Gethemane. As partial payment for his voyage, the crew asked him to make repairs to the ship, which had fallen into disrepair. Looking over the vessel, Felsic was able to immediately determine that not only could he repair the ship, but he could also upgrade its functionality. He could do all this mid-flight. So it was that the crew offered the Twilight the best accommodations they could manage, as well as a full refund of his boarding fee. A makeshift harness was constructed to suspend Felsic’s considerable bulk upside down as he worked on the hull. With a slight twist of essence, the ship was repaired and new modifications already turned the six day journey into four.

Back in the east, a young Eclipse by the name of a Vox Mallux brachiate through the dense jungle foliage and ascended the tallest tree he could to spy on an encampment of Arczeckhi, a group of Wyld barbarians and raiders. There he found their entire territory had been emptied out, and tracks indicating a march towards the Chayans, a peaceful people who had no standing army to speak of. Young Vox had been trying to broker diplomatic ties between his people and Chaya, and decided he needed to seek aid immediately. Of Chaya’s known allies, Zion was the only one in a position to help. Summoning his familiar, and companion Onyx the Tyrant Lizard, Vox made haste towards Rathess.

In Chaya, Dr Caemlyn, a respected and well known physician, specializing in reproductive medicine, was hard at work trying to discover the source of the annual fever that overcomes her people. Using mortal Thaumaturgy, she managed to glean that the source of the fire tree pollen present in her people’s blood was from the fire tree seeds themselves. She needed to find a way to collect a specimen, but the Chayan people have a religious devotion to their fire trees, and only entrust the handling of seeds to their [fire tree monks]. Calmly, the good doctor went to have breakfast with her daughter Xandrel as she considered her options. There she overheard a guardsman of the Chayan defense force speak of raids being conducted recently by the Arczeckhi, and she had her plan. Dr Caemlyn gathered her things and ventured off.

In the North, Felsic arrived well ahead of time thanks to his adjustments to the airship. As they approached, the crew reeled in horror as they beheld that Gethemane was gone. There were no signs of struggle, no scars of battle upon the frigid ground. Instead, the entire city, and a portion of the mountain it was born into had completely disappeared, leaving a perfect cylindrical bore heading deep, deep into the ground, where no light could escape. The ship, having only planned for a one way trip, was nearly out of fuel. Luckily, the crew informed Felsic that they had a hidden refueling station not far from the city, as the war-torn north often demands such backup plans. They anchored the ship and began refueling, as Felsic went to inspect the quarters of the now missing attendant. There he found no sign of attack or struggle, no sign of search, or any other untoward activities. Instead he found what looked like a reasonably well kept bunk, and a pair of clothes missing that Felsic could only surmise was the attendants dress wear, based on what had been left behind.

It was then that the crew alerted Felsic to an approaching traveler. He went out to meet the man, and discovered it was a badly wounded soldier, still in his uniform. He carried a white rose clasp, torn from a great cloak, and wrapped in a crumpled flier for a celebration that was being held in Gethemane the night before. On the back, scrawled in thick, bold lettering, was a note to someone in the province of Zion, which Felsic only knew of apocryphally. Even so, without any better options, and a clear destination for the message he now held, Felsic answered the call of Fate, and had the ships crew to fly him south, to Zion.

In Rathess, I arrived with Vox to seek the advice of the Council Exterior. If anything involving troops were to happen, we would need their help. We rode hubward to the Great Pyramid, and were greeted by functionaries. As I requested an audience with the council, the good people of Rathess flocked to see the newly reborn Eclipse and ask for blessings. The functionary ushered us into the waiting room of the council where we were greeted by Rose and Byrrden.

Byrrden had been watching for evidence of Solar activity, and discovered Rose to indeed be a princess of the earth when she revealed her caste mark to Tessi, the functionary who had been helping her acclimate to Zion. So Byrrden followed the next day when Rose was summoned to the Great Pyramid to meet the councils request for aid. Seeing this as his opportunity, he revealed himself as chosen to the functionary, and followed Rose inside.

Upon seeing Vox, he and Rose erupted into a heartfelt embrace. It would seem those two have some history. Hmm… Fate is a wheel, and even the exalted can only do so much to fight it. I might have pressed further, but Mela appeared to usher us into the meeting.

For their part, the council was sympathetic to the Chayans plight, and wanted to intervene. However, their suspicion is that the Arczeckhi are being maneuvered by Bear Fist, a Lunar disciple of Ma Ha Suchi. The decade of calm since the fall of the Mask has afforded the ancient Lunar time to scheme, and the theory is that he is trying to goad Zion into violating its non-aggression pact. So if Zion were to send its army to stop the Arczeckhi invasion, Ma Ha Suchi would interpret that as an act of aggression against his ally and therefore him. Allowing him to freely send his beast man hordes against Zions exposed flank while the army is in Chaya. Therefore, the council resolved to enlist myself and our new arrivals to head out to Chaya and resolve the dispute as free agents.

As we approached Chaya aboard the upgraded Wind Chicken, we spied a Chayan woman under assault by an Arczeckhi raiding party, with Bear Fist himself in the wings. My fellows leapt into action to engage the raider’s advance. I summoned my panoply and began the long sojourn into closing distance. Rose and Byrrden took on the brunt of the Arczeckhi’s flanking attempt, while Vox harried them from the boat. I walked forward. The Chayan woman, meanwhile, erupted in Solar essence as she met with her second breath, and immediately blasted the main raiding force with a torrent of lethal spells.

As this was all happening, Felsic’s airship had apparently arrived at this very moment, and a very large, brick colored man swung about on a rope to scoop up the woman and bring her to safety. Meanwhile, I walked into range as Bear Fist signaled his forces to withdraw.

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