Bear Fist

The six Exalted stand in the plum trees and take in the aftermath of the battle. Felzik tells Durandel what he found at Gethemane, or more accurately its remains. He hands over a note and the sigil that comes with it is recognized by Durandel and he probes for more information. Vox hears his tyrant lizard from up in the Sky Chicken and goes to calm him down and meets Bogwai, the stoner troll, who’s been resting and smoking in one of the large stalls.

Caymlyn is focused on returning to the capital of Chaya, Larjyn, to get back to her daughter. In the aftermath of what happened she meets Felzik and Vox. They explain that she is a Solar Exalt. The wild hunt will be looking for her and Felzik. Durandel contacts Medli about the letter from Dayce, asking if he can be contacted if he is actually in the under world. Medli tells Durandel to see to his Circle and to trust Dayce to take care of himself. A group of Chayan riders approach led by a monk named Xan Xouhan. Durandel explains to Caemlyn that she actually won’t be hunted automatically and eases her mind a bit. She goes back outside to greet the monk. The group is impressed and bow to her, much to her surprise. She also feels alone around them, as if her connection to her people has been severed.

The group is introduced to Laialyara, general of the Chayan forces. Her camp of soldiers have a calm but dutiful demeanor. She shows them an ornate map with displays the movements of the Archeki forces around the Chayan Empire. One set of enemy forces has bear symbolism and one has the profile of a broken jawbone. The jawbone is a symbol of Mokuu, who was an Archeki warlord in the vein of Genghis Khan who was only stopped by the Scarlett Empress. He was literally elevated to god status after his death. This group that flies his banner is known as Mokuu’s Band. To get the Archeki to parlay we will have to allow them to surround us and not attack.

The Circle find and are swallowed up by the Archeki horde. They surround then and then stare them down. Vox demands to speak to Bear Fist. He emerges from the horde and after acknowledging us he orders the horde to make camp. During negotiations, Bear Fist tells us that Mahasuchi is coming along with his army and wants to wipe out the Chayans decadent and weak way of life. They want to find a new home. We must hurry their way there. If Mahasuchi catches up to them, Bear Fist must fight. Keep the Chayans from attacking and he won’t attack.

We take an airship to Larjen to meet the council. We tell them what we have learned from Bear Fist. They need to discuss the proposal but it may take days. Caymlyn retrieves her daughter and the Circle heads out again.

On their return to the war camp they learn that the broken jaw are headed to the town of Kantyn.The Circle heads there to prepare for battle. Felzik goes to work building traps and other structural improvements. The attack will begin soon.


Foxcalibur JuliaFleming

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