Mother F'in T-Rex!


Essence: 1; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 10 dice (base Initiative 5); Resolve 3, Guile 1; Evasion 4, Parry 6

Soak/Hardness: 18/6

Health Levels: -0×5/-1×6/-2×9/-4×7/Incap.

Speed Bonus: +2.


Feats of Strength: 12 dice (may attempt Strength 7 feats, see Incredible Might);

Hide in Dense Forest or Swamps: 8 dice;

Intimidation: 10 dice;

Resist Poison/Disease: 10 dice;

Senses: 5 dice (see Relentless Pursuit);

Tracking: 8 dice (see Relentless Pursuit)


Attack (Bite): 11 dice (Damage 16, minimum 5). A tyrant lizard’s bite can easily puncture armor, allowing it to make piercing attacks (p. 586).

Attack (Slam): 12 dice (Damage 14, minimum 4). The tyrant lizard uses its head or tail to bash an enemy, and can make a smashing attack (p. 586).

Attack (Talon rake): 13 dice (Damage 12, minimum 3)

Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (10 dice to control). The tyrant lizard makes unopposed control rolls against enemies of smaller size, unless its victims use magic that allows them to clinch larger enemies, such as Dragon Coil Technique.

Combat Movement: 7 dice

Special Attacks

Brutal Stomp: Whenever the tyrant lizard knocks an enemy prone with a smashing attack, it may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a grapple attack that cannot be parried. The tyrant lizard can only restrain the stomped enemy and cannot move without ending the
clinch, but the stomped enemy takes six dice of lethal damage that ignore hardness for each round the tyrant lizard holds it. This special attack is not compatible with deadly thrash.

Deadly Thrash: The tyrant lizard may shake a clinched enemy back and forth, shredding it with razor-sharp teeth before flinging it to the ground. The tyrant lizard may savage its clinched victim with a decisive bite attack before flinging it with a decisive throw or slam action. The tyrant lizard’s Initiative does not reset until it has completed both attacks, and it gains an additional point of Initiative for each round of control forfeited after the reset.
Ferocious Bite: When the tyrant lizard makes a decisive bite attack against an enemy with a lower Initiative rating, it adds 10 to the raw damage of the attack. This bonus does not apply to attacks made as part of a deadly thrash. Once per fight, unless reset by rebuilding from base Initiative to Initiative 15+.

Furious Rampage: Whenever the tyrant lizard attacks or rushes an enemy who is in Initiative Crash, it adds three automatic successes on the roll.

Iron Jaws: The tyrant lizard does not take Defense penalties from grappling smaller enemies, and can reflexively take a drag action to move them whenever it moves, carrying them in its mouth (this does not apply to clinches initiated with brutal stomp). Additionally, being attacked only causes it to lose rounds of control over a clinch if that attack successfully damages the tyrant lizard.

Terrifying Dragon Roar (Latent): The tyrant lizard unleashes a roar that can be heard for miles, rolling its intimidation pool against all enemies and adding a number of dice equal to its Initiative. Mortal bystanders and natural enemies automatically flee from the roar, as does any enemy whose Resolve is overcome unless they pay a point of Willpower to resist. Even if they do, they lose one point of Initiative for every success by which the tyrant lizard’s roll beat their Resolve. After using this attack, the tyrant lizard is reset to base Initiative.


Apex Predator: The tyrant lizard regains a point of Willpower every time it crashes or incapacitates a non-trivial opponent. This cannot raise its current Willpower above the amount it had at the beginning of the fight. It is also immune to any non-magical influence roll meant to intimidate, provoke fear, or play upon fear.

Incredible Might: The tyrant lizard applies double 8s on any feat of strength to lift, carry, or crush something between its jaws.

Legendary Size: The tyrant lizard’s immense size makes it extraordinarily difficult for human-scale enemies to engage it in combat. It does not take onslaught penalties from any attack made by a smaller opponent, although magically-inflicted onslaught penalties s
ill apply against it. Withering attacks made by smaller enemies cannot drop the tyrant lizard below 1 Initiative unless they have a post-soak damage of 10 dice (although attackers can still gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt). Decisive attacks made by smaller enemies cannot deal more than (3 + attacker’s Strength) levels of damage to the tyrant lizard with a single attack, not counting any levels of damage added by Charms or other magic.

Relentless Pursuit: The tyrant lizard applies the double 8s rule on any scent-based Awareness roll or on any roll to track by scent. It adds five automatic successes on any roll made to oppose an enemy’s (Dexterity + Stealth) roll using scent.

Thick Scales: The sheer size of the tyrant lizard makes it difficult to strike at its vitals, no matter how wounded the beast is. The tyrant lizard does not subtract wound penalties from its Defense. In addition, attacks made from short range or further reduce their minimum damage against the tyrant lizard by one unless they benefit from an Aim action.




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