Enlil the Unbowed

Hero of the Primordial war


Before the first age, when the world was still young, and time was merely a construct to explain how things happen before or after other things, the Unconquered Sun empowered the first mortals to share a portion of his power. Together they defeated the monolithic and terrible primordials, all worlds unto themselves. Amongst their number stood Enlil the Unbowed, the Demon Slayer, the Shepherd. He was said to be an unbreakable warrior of light, capable of withstanding the reality sundering might of the Primordial menace. He embodied the justice and compassion of the Unconquered Sun, whom he called the “Father”, and sought always to protect the people of Creation. It was he for whom the Unconquered Sun ordered the first set of orichalcum armor be forged, as he blessed a vein of gold flowing from the heart of Meru. Brandishing his gleaming essence blade, “Mundial, the World Defender” he could be found in the vanguard of every major offensive.

When the war was over, and the Incarnae left Creation to the Exalted, Enlil took his followers to the south, and founded a city atop a plateau many miles across. It’s center housed an oasis, a supernatural wellspring of life essence from Gaia herself. Rather than helping the other Zeniths found a religion based around the Sun, and the Solars, he instead created a religion called the “Faith of the All-Sky” which worshipped a universal force of good that was said to underpin not just creation, but the heavens above, fate, and all that has ever existed; called “The White.” He built the massive “Heaven and Earth” monastery, and around it the small city-state of Ekur flourished. The city became a safe haven for all faiths, under the protection of Enlil and his Dragon-Blooded retainers. Anyone who felt ostracized by the Solar church was welcome within it’s borders, so long as their faith was one of peace.

Set apart from the rest of his kin, he cared little for his own ambition, but rather the mission was always first and foremost in his mind. He loved the other Exalted, but as the age turned on, he saw himself shut out of the new Solar order and soon became disinterested in them as well. The queen and her Solar Deliberative believed him to be a relic of the war, standing vigil for a threat that would never come, while he viewed his fellows as lazy and avaricious. He became more and more listless, as the years rolled by and the Yozi threat became an increasingly distant memory, he spent days, and then months, and then years cloistered away in his temple.

When the Unconquered Sun finally crowned a Lightbringer, as a last ditch attempt to revive his increasingly twisted and wayward children, he picked an arrogant and selfish, yet charismatic Dawn Caste. Enlil took this as proof that the Unconquered Sun favored the deliberative and their decadent, self-interested ways. He could not, and would not oppose the Father. Instead, he sealed the borders of Ekur and refused to allow in any new settlers, nor any travelers of any kind. The city withered as trade routs dried up and supplies dwindled. All the while, Enlil remained sealed in his temple.

When the Usurpation began, and at last his followers came for him, they found Enlil already a broken man. Abandoned by the Sun, betrayed by his own men, he hoped that death would be a respite from the sorrow that overwhelmed him. He acknowledged the intruders with a begrudging sigh. He did not summon his blade. He knelt before them, and waited as they tore the plates of his armor off one by one, and lowered his head to await the inevitable.

The city erupted into violence, as various factions and religious denominations took sides and struck out against one another based on principle, prejudice, or just plain greed. The fire that started that night could be seen smoldering for weeks.


Enlil the Unbowed

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