The Lightbringer


“When the Sun is with you, who can stand against you?”

First and foremost, Durandal is a servant of the Unconquered Sun. It is how he defines himself, and informs his every move. At one time anointed the “Lightbringer” of the Unconquered Sun, he derives his life’s purpose from that gift and spends every waking moment either protecting the people of Creation, or trying to restore the Sun’s glory; all that has been taken from him since the First Age. Dauntless and devout, Durandal makes no attempt to conceal that he believes the Unconquered Sun is the king of gods, and the only one worthy of the people’s faith. His righteousness can sometimes rub others the wrong way, and has on occasion lead to unnecessary difficulties. Durandal holds other Solars to a higher standard than any in all Creation, even amongst the other celestial Exalted. In his eyes, the Solars have been gifted the power to be better, to act as great heroes, to protect and improve the lives of the innocent multitudes who are caught in their wake like driftwood. Misuse of the Sun’s most holy gift is a sin, and though it has brought him great sorrow, he has had to put down several of the Sun’s chosen for that very reason. To the people of creation who walk a righteous path, Durandal is a gentle, nurturing presence, always looking out for their wellbeing. To the enemies of the Unconquered Sun, he is an indomitable sentinel, hunting them across the face of Creation to burn them to cinder with his holy wrath.

Since the fall of the Mask of Winters, Durandal has become reclusive; spending most of his time at the Bastion Invictus, and only briefly seen as he travels to his home, occasionally appearing in Zion’s deliberative house or military command center when summoned. His Lightbringer abilities have gone dormant after the battle with the Mask. His connection to the Unconquered Sun is seemingly severed. More than any other Solar, even amongst Zeniths, Durandal has had an unusual amount of communication and guidance from the Sun all his life, and the silence is maddening. Worse, he has become convinced that he is being punished for failing the Unconquered Sun. The visions of Infernal invasion that have tormented him all his adult life have worsened in recent years, and though there has been no sign of such, each passing month presents Durandal with more and more fires to put out. The Ordo Invictus’ forces are stretched thin, and it takes years to properly train and initiate a new knight. Tension grows in Zion, and across all Creation shadows lengthen. Durandal senses this inherently; Lightbringer or no. His duty is to the people of Creation, and whatever the cost he must save them from the coming darkness. He fears that his time to pick up the sword once more is fast approaching.


Caste: Zenith
Anima: As Durandal spends essence, wisps and then strands, and then waves of burnished gold flow into a large brilliant Sun orb that surmounts him. At iconic level, the orb ignites at its poles with beams of blindingly bright white light and it begins to spin rapidly, washing everyone and everything in the area with the pure white light of the mid day Sun.
Supernal: Resistance
Essence: 4
Limit Trigger: Either by accident or inaction allow harm to befall the innocent.
Theme: Thomas Bergersen – Empire of Angels


Physical Mental Social
Strength: 5 Perception: 2 Charisma: 5
Dexterity: 3 Intelligence: 3 Appearance: 4
Stamina: 5 Wits: 2 Manipulation: 2


Caste Favored Regular
Athletics : 5 Awareness: 2 Linguistics: 1
Integrity: 3 Performance: 3 +1 Inspiration Dodge: 1
Presence: 4 Melee: 5 +1 Swords Lore: 1
Resistance: 5 +1 Disease, +1 Poison Ride: 2 +1 Mounted Combat
War: 4 Survival: 3


Boundless Endurance (2)
Language (3) [Seatongue, Old Realm, High Holy Speech]
Toxin Resistance (3)
Natural Immunity (2)
Pain Tolerance (4)
Mighty Thew (3)

Story Granted
Command (N/A)
Manse (N/A)
Artifact (5)
Mentor (3)


Defining: The Unconquered Sun (Personal Deity -Worship, Adoration), Yozis (Hate), Deathlords (Hate)

Major: Dace (Father Figure –Love), Caressa DeSandro (Wife –Love), His children (Love), Ordo Invictus (Command –Duty, Honor), Medli (Love), Abyssal Exalted (Distrust, Antipathy), Infernal Exalted (Hate), Demons (Repulsion, Hate)

Minor: [Original Formation] Circle of Unbroken Fate (Comradery), Tepet Mela (Brotherhood –Love), Zion (Pride, Duty)


Defining: “I am a servant of the Unconquered Sun.”, “I will always protect the innocent.”

Major: “I cannot allow demons to walk the face of creation.”, “I must restore the prominence of the Solar Exalted.” , “Those with power have the responsibility to use it honorably.”

Minor: “Solar Exalted should be held to a higher standard than everyone else.” , “I only kneel for the Unconquered Sun.”


Personal Essence: 16 (6 Committed)
Peripheral Essence: 54
Health Track: -0,-0,-0, -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-3, INC
Willpower: 5

Charm Lists

Graceful Crane Stance
Monkey Leap Technique
Lightning Speed
Strength Increasing Exercise

Excellent Strike
Call the Blade
Summoning the Loyal Steel
Glorious Solar Saber
Dipping Swallow Defense
Solar Counterattack
One Weapon, Two Blows
Flashing Edge of Dawn
Perfect Strike Discipline
Heaven Sword Flash
Peony Blossom Attack
Fire and Stones Strike
Rising Sun Slash
Hungry Tiger Technique
Sandstorm Wind Attack
Edge of Morning Sunlight
Corona of Radiance
War Lion Stance
Unassailable Guardian Posture

Ox-Body Technique (X2)
Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana
Armored Scout’s Invigoration
Hauberk-Summoning Gesture
Durability of Oak Meditation
Spirit Strengthens the Skin
Iron Skin Concentration
Body Mending Meditation
Iron Kettle Body
Diamond Body Prana
Adamant Skin Technique
Aegis of Invincible Might

Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit

War God Descendant
League of Iron Preparation
Tiger Warrior Training Technique
*Demon Fighting Principle, Glory of the Inevitable


The Word of the Sun
Heavy Artifact Armor (* * * * *)

This set of superheavy articulated plate was forged early in the First Age, bathed in dragons fire and infused with sunlight cast down from when the world was young. It is made of pure Orichalcum and its simple rounded plates are unadorned with designs or engravings. Despite its bulk, its range of movement is unparalleled in the Age of Sorrows.

Soak +14, Hardness 10, Mobility -1, Attunement Cost 6M

Prayers: Whenever the wearer’s anima is active at any level, light radiates from the center of each plate, and prayers to the Unconquered Sun can be seen on any surface the light touches, scrolling upwards as though being read like a prayer strip.

Midday Warmth: Anyone standing within (Essence X Yards) of the wearer feels the comfortable warmth of a summer breeze, and need not make any stamina rolls for discomfort from non-supernatural adverse conditions. (Note: this can also lower the surrounding temperature to comfortable levels if it is too hot.)

Faith Rewarded: Once per day, any being in the presence of the wearer who truly believes in the Unconquered Sun, may make a simple Willpower roll and if successful, may restore one point of temporary willpower.

Special Attunement Rules: Only Solar Exalted may attune to this artifact.




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