Episode 3

Durandal, Felsic, and Kaemlin arrive at Kantyn, a small farming community, in the mid-morning. Moku’s horde is on the march to sack the town. Estimated time of arrival is 6-8 hours.

Felsic concocts a plan to spring a wall-like trap around the horde once they invade the town. He sets to work immediately digging the trench and constructing his wall. He also instructs the crew of his airship to snipe any fleeing barbarians.

Kaemlin plots her position for the impending battle. After tending to the villagers she scales the water tower for the best vantage point.

Vox aids in the evacuation of the villagers.

Durandal ruminates on the fate of his mentor Dace.
Rose took the Wind Chicken back to retrieve her band of soldiers. On their way to Kantyn they stop at a riverbank in Plum Grove. Rose spots a trio of Chayan horsemen surveying the area. She signals them and they respond in kind. The horsemen warn of the horde making its way to Kantyn. They give Rose directions and she gives them tea and cake. With their course set the Wind Chicken sails on. From the river they spot Moku’s barbarians and begin to plot their own strategy to protect the town.

Amid the horde, Byrrden is stealthing his way back to the party. From within the frothing mass of barbarians he spies a massive shrine of jawbones tied together holding an idol of a massive Arazcheki Chieftain painted in dark blood reds.

The Wind Chicken arrives at Kantyn. Rose and her troops disembark. Rose encounters Felsic who relays his trap plan. Durandal discusses the best use of Rose’s squadron.

The horde crests into view and shift into a sprint upon seeing the town. To break their spirit Byrrden kicks the head of the statue, but it is no use. The horde is seeking a glorious death and will not be swayed. The battle is joined and is fierce, unforgiving.

The lawgivers tap into their essence and unleash the might of the Unconquered Sun. Durandal lays waste to legions with his mighty sword. Rose rains solar flares from her trusty sidearm. Kaemlin begins conjuring her swarm of butterflies spell. As the attacks rain down on the horde Byrrden sprints across the top of them to safety. Rose’s squadron begins taking injuries, so she calls in her yeddim to bound across the battle field infused with golden essence. Kaemlin unleashes her butterfly spell, cutting a swath through Moku’s band and knocking down the statue.

As the statue falls away Moku materializes in its place. Moku stands 15 feet tall and wields two jawbone weapons. Upon materializing he joins battle with Durandal.
Felsic picks his moment, seeing the horde completely within the scope of his wall, and springs the trap. The wall shoots up around the city and pens in the barbarians. The enemy has been dwindled from a thousand to a couple hundred. Seeing the horde being picked off Felsic turns his attention to Moku.

Durandal strikes a mighty blow sending Moku to one knee. Felsic lays him out with a chop block to the standing leg. Moku rises and lashes out striking at the two Solars. Felsic is sent reeling. Durandal responds, driving his sword into Moku, spilling torrents of blood. Byrrden materializes behind the giant driving his tiger claws into Moku’s back.

With his dying breath Moku thanks the circle for a glorious death. He gloats that Mahasuchi is coming and then dematerializes. Runes escape his body, the words of his being swirl and break down. His final words “the sins of civilization will be washed…” and he vanishes.
Rose’s troops run down the remaining horde. Kantyn lays in ruin, just 30% of the structures still stand. The impact of slaughtering an entire tribe begins to set in.

Byrrden relays the information he was gathering while away from the circle. Mahasuchi is coming. Just then Bogwai burrows up from the earth. He would have fought, but then he got high.

Kaemlin summons a flame elemental to burn the dead. Byrrden loots the bodies. Felsic retrieves the decapitated head of Moku’s statue and retains it for artifact crafting.

After much debate on how to approach Mahasuchi the circle chooses to retreat. Before they can leave an older tall woman clad in black and red appears. She has sleek black hair, four eyes and a tracery of silver tattoos. She questions the circles decision and encourages them to meet with Mahasuchi. Vox agrees to parlay.

An hour later the horizon fills with Archeki and Bear Fist’s beast man army. A floating dais covered in skulls carries Mahasuchi on his throne. Part goat, part wolf, part man, Mahasuchi leans against his throne, dire lance at his side.

After exchanging pleasantries Vox questions Mahasuchi’s intentions. Mahasuchi states that Bear Fist inspired him to conquer the land. He claims he has the Silver Pact’s support. Durandal has Kaemlin send a mystical message to Winter Wolf. Mahasuchi states that he is planning on assaulting Chaya during the Fire Tree Festival. They will be helpless to fight back amid their annual orgy. Mahasuchi will withdraw to the borders for 3 weeks until the festival begins.

The horde about faces. Mahasuchi sizes up the circle then marches off.

Kaemlin decides to return to Chaya to warn her people.

Durandal will return to Xion.

And someone needs to go to Lookshy to beseech support.

3 weeks…


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